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Topic: Back of chair storage?
Message: Posted by: magicmayne (Jun 2, 2019 03:08PM)
Hey friends,

I was curious to know if you could point me into the right direction. For a sponge ball routine, I need to "steal" the sponges from the back of a chair where a spectator is sitting rather than going to my pockets. Is there anything out there that I could travel with and insert on ANY backs of chairs?

Zak Mirz
Message: Posted by: Julie (Jun 2, 2019 03:25PM)
How about a tiny bit of removable poster tape (3M)?

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jun 4, 2019 04:03AM)
Do to all the different kinds of chair designs, which can be made out of steel, wood, cloth covered, vinyl covered, folding and non-folding, it is impossible to create something that would fit every performing situation. Then there is the problem of side exposure by the audience.

There is a prop made that can be used for a chair.