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Topic: Melting knot in Daryl‘s Rope Routine
Message: Posted by: Lichtagent (Jun 3, 2019 01:35AM)
Dear friends in magic,

I have a hard time getting the melting knot in Daryl‘s Rope Routine right.
Not the tying of the knot itself, but stopping it from dissolving prematurely.

I‘m using the BTC-3 rope which is great for all other parts of the routine, but for this special part it seems to be „too slick“.
When using another rope (which is a little bit stiffer and a touch more rough) then there is no problem presenting the knot letting it hang down from one end, but the rest of the routine favors the BTC-3 so I really would like to stick with it.

Are there any hints you could give me?

BTW - Daryl calls it the Pretzel knot - in Mark Wilson‘s CCiM it is called Melting Knot

Kind Regards from Germany

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jun 3, 2019 08:09AM)
Sounds like you just have to find the correct tension (or sweet point) to put on the knot after creating it without dissolving the knot completely.

If you want to use none real magician's rope that has been used for over as long as I have been alive, then you need to put in the extra effort for you choices.

You proved to yourself that it works, so it is just making it work for the product you selected.
Message: Posted by: Lichtagent (Jun 4, 2019 02:15AM)
Dear Bill,

you’re probably right...
After repeated repetition of the move there seems to form some kind of „micro-fray“ on the outside the BTC-3 and I‘m not sure if the rehearsal itself of this slight erosion of the
surface helped to keep the knot stable more often.

I‘ll follow your advice and get accustomed to the ropes behavior, since I‘m very pleased with its handling in the rest of the routine (as stated above).

Thanks for your support

Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Jun 4, 2019 04:11AM)
Guten Tag, Chris!

This is difficult to describe, but, I'll try...

After tying the "knot", twist the rope just enough to maintain a slight pressure to keep the (apparent) knot.

I've used this "knot" for 50 years. It's also good with a silk. My friend TOMSONI (the late Johnny Thompson) used it with a silk.
Message: Posted by: Lichtagent (Jun 5, 2019 06:02PM)
Guten Abend Dick :)
and good evening to the rest of the community...

So if it could be done with a silk, then there should be no problem with a rope.
After fumbling again with it today, I realize that besides the right amount of twist the swiftness of the presentation and thus the presentation movement itself is crucial to the survival of the knot.

I‘ll keep on trying...

Kind Regards from Germany

Message: Posted by: drmagic (Jun 7, 2019 10:19AM)
I, too, experience exactly what you are. You are correct about the right amount of twist in the rope. You have to really twist it. I have also found to make the pretzel knot a little larger than shown on the video before I make it dissolve. When the knot gets too small, that is when it falls apart.