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Topic: Marc Spelmann reveals he's X on BGT
Message: Posted by: OzTheMentalist (Jun 5, 2019 05:53PM)
Marc Spelmann finally revealed he was X on BGT last night.

I really enjoyed it and his "I am X" reminded me of RDJ's "I am Ironman" dialogue :P I also prefer finding out Marc was under the mask, someone who all magicians know, instead of someone random.

But I didn't like his choice of trick. I understand the theme of connecting people but I think a self-working mathematical trick isn't a good choice as I see people commenting and saying "I could have done it too." What do you guys think?

Message: Posted by: cybercardmagic (Jun 7, 2019 05:20PM)
In my opinion Marc's performance wasn't about the "tricks" but about the story and the emotional connection with the audience and him and his family.

I personally think the idea to come back as Am I X and to continue the performance of 2018 is brilliant. He kept up the tension until the end.

And I think from the view of the audience the tricks were o.k. and they enjoy the perfomance.

In my eyes a very successful act.
Message: Posted by: ATXTimeLord (Dec 29, 2019 09:50AM)
I've watched this reveal on youtube many times.. In the end, the reveal is heartwarming and I would like to think, sincere.. The shock on Ant and Dec's faces are priceless, as is the joy in the judges faces when its done .. I'm looking forward to seeing him perform in January on America's Got Talent The Champions part 2 series..