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Topic: Street Theater documentary available online
Message: Posted by: GMcAlpin (Jun 6, 2019 12:07PM)

Several people on this forum have recommended viewing the documentary "Street Theater". It's a great film about buskers performing at festivals. It's mostly performance, but it also has interviews that offer busking advice. Gazzo is one of the featured performers. There are a bunch of circus arts and fire people too. The DVD is difficult to find for sale.

Peter Shatalow made the movie. He posted it as an unlisted link on YouTube and had it setup so that you could view it from his website. I asked him if I could share the URL to it on this forum and he gave me permission.

The full version of "Street Theater" is at: https://youtu.be/krvHJsia_R4

He also said that he has DVD copies for sale for $20 plus shipping. You can contact Peter Shatalow at chatabulous@gmail.com .

Message: Posted by: ufo (Sep 5, 2019 11:11PM)
Thanks for posting! That was really nice!
Message: Posted by: Zauberman (Sep 6, 2019 07:10AM)