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Topic: Astarte-Maid of the moon levitation.
Message: Posted by: Irish_matt (Jun 9, 2019 09:14AM)
Does anyone know if video exists of this levitation. John Gaughan presented it a few years ago at the history conference.
Message: Posted by: top_illusionist (Jun 9, 2019 02:32PM)
Irish_matt, I have good news for you.

Here is the link to the video of this levitation performed by Doug Henning ..


and here is the article on John Gaughan ..

Message: Posted by: Irish_matt (Jun 10, 2019 08:14AM)
Thanks for your help.
Message: Posted by: Ray Pierce (Jun 10, 2019 01:59PM)
Matt, I was the Tech Director for the Conference when John presented this effect with Tina and saw it many times from every angle. Although I know he has footage of it, I'm not sure any other video of it exists.
Message: Posted by: Irish_matt (Jun 10, 2019 06:15PM)
I've only seen a few photos of the performance but have no doubt it was quite spectacular. Thanks for your input, Ray.
Message: Posted by: FrankFindley (Jun 19, 2019 08:22PM)
I love the silk/ribbon tied hoops used in Astarte, Carmo's, etc.

Message: Posted by: Irish_matt (Jun 20, 2019 08:42AM)
I found Jeffrey Atkins "Carmo's Mummy" performed on the Paul Daniels show. Not the smoothest of versions.