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Topic: Looking for cards to stack in an antique Whist tray set
Message: Posted by: Deckstacker (Jun 14, 2019 04:11PM)
I recently acquired an antique 8-tray duplicate Whist/Bridge tray set, ca 1910 vintage, that I just KNOW I can use to work up a killer routine with, if only I can find the right cards. (See a current eBay listing for a 16-tray Whist tray set to see what I'm talking about. Mine is a smaller 8-tray version but looks very much like the one on eBay.)

A deck of the Bicycle 1800 Series Vintage marked cards would be absolutely perfect for what I have in mind--except it is poker size, and the old Whist trays will only accommodate bridge size cards. If anyone can point me to a vintage-looking marked deck of bridge size cards, or perhaps a vintage style deck that I might hand-mark myself and/or arrange in a stack, I'd be very grateful. --Thanks in advance!
Message: Posted by: WayneBurrows (Jul 25, 2019 10:20PM)
You might be able to get some duplicate boards with cards in them. I have seen one on ebay that says it comes with cards.

As a bridge player I am interested in what your effect might be.