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Topic: Maxims of a Magician - Richy Roy (a Magic Portal review)
Message: Posted by: canaday (Jun 17, 2019 05:56PM)
Maxims of a Magician - Richy Roy

The Hype:

- Dream about becoming a better magician?
- Want to see your name up on the marquee?
- Regret not finishing your own original scripts?
- Wish you could work as a full-time entertainer?
- Hope to connect with expert entertainers?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then you need to read Maxims of a Magician.

Over 100 thought-provoking maxims of timeless advice from a working professional, focusing on the personal development of a magician. Richy Roy (author of The Wealthy Magician) reveals the unwritten rules and unspoken truths known amongst successful magicians. A perfect browsing book for motivation and mental refreshment, you can start reading at random spots or enjoy it in its entirety. Maxims is guaranteed to stimulate magicians of all kinds.

My Take:
A while back I reviewed Richy's previous book, The Wealthy Magician. It was a very nice guide to making money as a magician, such as figuring how much to charge for shows. Great book for the working pro but it wouldn't hold that much appeal to someone who is either a hobbyist or a amateur. With his new book, that has been corrected.

Maxims offers 116 different thoughts, tips and ideas to make your magic both better and more effective. Each item is only about one page long and each has been given a very descriptive name. This worked out to be important to me. When I got the book, I read through the entire book. By having a list of the different topics printed in the back of the book, a quick glance will take me right where I need to be. My plan for the book is to just leave it on my desk, then once a day turned to a random page. This will give me something to occupy my thinking during the day. The titles alone are enough to get you fired up but each is accompanied by Richy's further thoughts on the subject.

As I read the book, it brought back memories of performances I have seen that left a negative impression on me. I once attended a lecture in Boston by a well known magician who was very masterful at his subject. Unfortunately, he spent quite a bit of his lecture time denigrating other magicians. I have also been to a couple of shows and wanted to say Hi after but the performer just left the stage and went back to the dressing room. Years later, these still grate on me. If they had read this book, I think I would have a much mor positive memory.

Richy's tips cover a wide variety of subjects that will make you a better magician. Structuring your act, putting on an effective and memorable performance, how to get along amiably with other performers on the bill, learning and improving plus a host of others. I have always said that the older magicians in your circle or club are a treasure trove. I have seen too many young magicians (especially those with a part time job at a magic store) begin to think they are God's gift to magic and will not listen to the voice of experience. They are missing a huge asset they don't even realize they have. It was good to see that Richy had made a similar comment. So you probably already follow some of the tenets of this book before you even open it. This book will allow you to expand on this.

A lot of churches give out little booklets with daily devotions. This accomplishes the same function with your magic. On each day, take one entry and let it work through your thoughts for the day. It will not be time wasted.

I quite like this little book. It is is easy to read, it has some great ideas and it has found a home on my shelf. This is well worth the cost.