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Topic: Kunard Koins
Message: Posted by: Leslie Melville (Jun 23, 2019 06:39AM)
Does anyone remember Kunard Koins? two small blocks of wood (approx.1" x 1" x 1/2")with a piece of green baise on one side of each. A small coin (6d in the UK)was placed on one block, the other block was passed over the coin which promptly vanished.

Are they still available? Google has no information!

Message: Posted by: Julie (Jun 26, 2019 12:56PM)
In the U.K. Alan Warner once manufactured this apparatus.

Message: Posted by: Leslie Melville (Jun 29, 2019 07:18AM)
Thanks, Julie, I had a set many years (over fifty!) ago. I can't remember who produced them but think it would be before Alan Warner. However, a set made by him would be a rather classy prop!

Thanks for your interest.

Message: Posted by: Julie (Jun 29, 2019 05:59PM)
Hi Leslie

We have a set from Alan Warner and it is nice. (Although you are no doubt correct that other manufactures most likely would offer a comparable item at a far lower price.)