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Topic: Close up Case.. Where to find
Message: Posted by: clars (Jun 23, 2019 08:34AM)
I am not sure if this is the correct area to post. I am looking for a good close up case. Any suggestion on a manufacturer or vendor. I have search on here and the web. No luck. Thanks
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Jun 23, 2019 10:23AM)
It depends on the props!

In the early '50s, while in the Navy, I carried my 30 minute club act, in a leather shaving kit, about cigar box size!

70 years later, I'm using a "fat" attache case (13" x 20" x 8") for my 45 minute school assembly program and club dates.

In both situations, the props are basically generic. Silks, rope, golf balls, cards (for fancy shuffles) egg bag, spot card, boomerang sticks, brakawa fan, 3 linking rings, 5 silver dollars and a "tin" can for a coin pail.

Most of the props in the school show or club act, can be used for strolling, or "close up".

Go visit a good thrift store. You can find all sorts of small cases (cheap!)
Message: Posted by: clars (Jun 23, 2019 03:24PM)
Thanks, will do.
Message: Posted by: John Martin (Jun 26, 2019 11:59AM)
A case like this is very handy. Lots of compartments to keep things in order and space at the bottom for extras https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/caboodles-115-inches-silver-goddess-cosmetic-train-case-4-tray/6000195115510?cmpid=sem_google_en_pla_none_868545289_42246413485_None&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2Jj4icuH4wIVhYCfCh1gDgzFEAQYASABEgIVDvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds#
Message: Posted by: Aaron Smith Magic (Jul 20, 2019 03:05PM)
I currently use this one: https://www.vanishingincmagic.com/magic/close-up-magic/close-up-bag

Prior to that, I used this one:

They have both served me well.
Message: Posted by: Wravyn (Jul 21, 2019 09:59AM)
Is it for storage or taking to gigs?
I have a small box like this for travel

I can carry extra items in it; professors nightmare, a couple of extra decks of cards, a velvet cord for ring and string, a nest of wallets, and Chop cup https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/mini-harmonica-chop-cup-aluminum-by-leo-smetsers-trick-p-19121.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-qP4rZ3G4wIVgsDACh3qZwXqEAQYBCABEgLwGvD_BwE
It is also small enough that I can carry it and set it down. It does not take up an enormous space on a table. It is solid enough that I can use it as a raised surface which I can place my cards on, keeping them off the table grime and it also works as a mini stage for the chop cup. If itís walk around and no tables, I leave it in the glove compartment of my car and I am able to go switch out what I need during a break. Since everything is pocket sized, Iím able switch out and replace items as needed and not be over stuffed.
Message: Posted by: BradenCarlisle (Sep 24, 2019 02:11AM)
It depends on what you're looking for.

For strolling I use this: https://www.vanishingincmagic.com/magic/close-up-magic/close-up-bag

For my full close up show I use a doctor's bag that I found on Amazon by searching "doctor's bag for men"