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Topic: David Britland's Gemini Twins creation
Message: Posted by: motown (Jun 24, 2019 02:46PM)
While doing some research on the Gemini Twins plot (attributed to Karl Fulves), I Stumbled upon a nice application by David Britland from his book "Psycho-Mancy", published in 1986, called "My Name is Legion". It's based on Nick Trost's marketed deck "Rainbow Miracles" (1986), which can be found in "Subtle Card Creations Vol. 3". I suspect Trost's creation inspired other similar effects besides David's.

"My Name is Legion" also uses a special deck. The backs of the cards have names of celebrities (movie stars) written on them. Not only are two like pairs matched up, but two pairs of celebrities who go together, such as Laurel & Hardy. When the deck is spread, it's shown to be all blank. I thought this was a really nice idea that could be applied to other subjects.

Caleb Wiles published a similar idea to Britland's, almost 30 years later, called the "Paparazzi Packet Trick"(Genii, Dec. 2014, p22), although his method and approach are different. I don't know if Caleb was aware of David's version, since there was know mention of it in his write up.

NOTE: Please don't confuse this with Brother John Hamman's "Twins" as so many seem to do.
Message: Posted by: motown (Jun 25, 2019 03:10PM)
If you like Stolen Cards (Lennert Green), Kaleidoscope Cards (Daryl) or Quintuplicate Coincidence (Dave Van Vranken/Scotty York), I think you’ll like this effect by David Britland.