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Topic: A New MAGIC ROADSHOW - Free Download.
Message: Posted by: RCarruth (Jun 25, 2019 02:05AM)
I published a new MAGIC ROADSHOW JOURNAL OF MAGIC a few days ago. I like to make sure anyone with an interest in free magic has the opportunity to download new issues. Although subscribing gets you a new issue as soon as it's published.. I don't require anyone to sign up. Feel free to visit my site and read it or download as a PDF. This issue is almost 50 pages and contains:

The 10 Card Poker Deal - Effect from Paul A. Lelekis
Children's Magic: Taming the "Creepers" - Article - Kyle Peron
Bridge The Gap: Moving Towards The Future Of Our Art - Donovan Powell
Making Magic at Meetings: A Guide from Jez Rose
Only Three? - Card Effect From Issue #121 of the Roadshow
VANISHING INC. - 10 Year Anniversary Download Bundle - Free
A Few Words from David Blaine...
The Magic Man Project - Rubber Bands - Review by Rick Carruth
How to Master Any Subject - Short Video
How to Prevent Magic Burnout - Article - by Dominic Reyes
Unleaded - by Justin Miller - A Review by Donavon Powell
False Cuts and Shuffles Project - Review by Rick Carruth
The Vault - CHINK-A-CHINK Elements - Review by Rick Carruth
Vista Print - My 'Go To' Guys for Business Cards
The Endless Chain - A Review - Review by Rick Carruth
The Vault - Phosphorus by Victor Sanz - Review by Rick Carruth
Watch: The 11 Best Tricks From Penn & Teller: Fool Us - Videos
Super Easy 'Torn Page' Magic Trick - Video Tutorial
Card Portal Pop Out - Video Tutorial Featuring Shin Lim
Card Tricks With Willie (Nelson) - Video
How to Solve a Magic Square -Tutorial / Article
Ten Tricks With Rubber Bands - Video Tutorial - Rich Ferguson
Dice Mysteries - By Steve Drury
If you have anything to do today.. Stay Away From This Site!
Other Very Important Stuff..

A lot of great performers went out of their way to help me make this issue special... I hope you enjoy it!
[url]https://www.MagicRoadshow.com/posts/[/url] (Look for the PDF download link several paragraphs from the top)