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Topic: New app - ACAAD
Message: Posted by: nicolas1447 (Jun 26, 2019 05:49AM)
Hello all,

Introducing my first app/trick ACAAD - Any Card At Any Date
Currently available on the App Store and very soon on Android.

In short, the effect is as follow:
You have your calendar on your phone open on the table
A spectator cut a deck of card behind his back and keep the top card in his pocket without looking at it (or can name a card).
You introduce your calendar and say that you have card for every date of the year (I say that Iíve been asking people to name a card on their birthday on Facebook or at events)
You ask them to think of a date or birthday.
You show random dates with different card. They name their date and the card matches with the one in their pocket.

A few points:
Can be done with any cards and any dates (no force)
The calendar is already open
You can show random cards on different dates (spectators can name the different dates)

I will post a video of the effect in the next few days but the above should give you a good idea already.

Message: Posted by: Tulleb (Jun 29, 2019 12:40PM)
Love the idea!

Any link to download or video?
Message: Posted by: nicolas1447 (Jun 30, 2019 03:49PM)
Yes, here is the link to App Store.

I will have a video in the next few days and will post it here