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Topic: Old dog. Keeps at it.
Message: Posted by: donny (Jul 5, 2019 02:07AM)

Just comments on learning new things. I'm of the sort that can entertain "odd" hobbies. Not all can. Too bad for them. A few weeks ago I told some friends that I was going to learn to juggle. -Sour faces.
All be told, I'm not spring chicken, hence the response. Coming-up on 50, and well ya know, should act like it. Anyhow; up to a solid 3-ball cascade. I could do 8 or 9 tosses in my 20s. A few "one handed", but never felt satisfied then. Always bugged me.
I'm looking to get 4 or 5 balls and maintain. I'd like to add 3 clubs and maybe a unicycle. Problem is...I find it satisfying! The persistence of practice has had lateral effects outside juggling. When cooking, I'm a little more efficient. Doing laundry, a bit more crisp. In the past when something fell off the table, I'd just let it go. The other day, I snatched a coin in-air, that someone dropped unexpectedly.
I'm not saving the world or anything, but I have to conclude, juggling makes you better!
I think you get some "cardio" and exercise. I haven't heard it said, but my arms/shoulders WILL burn after 5 minutes or so. I have a tendency to hold my breath, but I'm sure time will fix that. Godspeed to you all and thanks for sharing.
Message: Posted by: Lucky7 (Feb 19, 2021 04:46AM)
Hey Donny

Did you manage to achieve your goals posted here ? (4 balls, 5 balls, clubs, unicycle ?)