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Topic: Hello from another Brit
Message: Posted by: Kong (Jul 7, 2019 12:52PM)
I'm a recent returnee to magic after about 35 years away. As a child I was absolutely crazy about magic (I still have Paul Daniels' autograph, obtained in the early 80's) but life's temptations lured me away.

Around a year or so ago I become fascinated with the c*****c p**s, a move that was well beyond me all those years ago. The fascination grew to include other card sleights and recently coin sleights too with Eaton's Spellbound occupying much of my time in front of the practice mirror.

I look forward to spending time on the forum where, in addition to learning about new tricks, I hope to pick up some performance tips so I can take what I can do away from the practice mirror and shape it into something people would like to see.


Apologies for the non-real name username. I didn't read the guidelines until after I created the account. I can wear a gorilla suit if it helps.
Message: Posted by: Mary Mowder (Jul 7, 2019 02:17PM)
Welcome Kong,

And welcome back to Magic.

You can change your username on request in the Magic Café Tech Help section.

I found that when I cared about the people more than the tricks my performance improved. That is hard when you're looking for opportunities to perform but it mada big difference in how my Magic went over.

-Mary Mowder
Message: Posted by: Kong (Jul 7, 2019 03:08PM)
Thanks for the welcome and advice, Mary.

Up to now I've been performing exclusively to myself in the mirror and treating the whole thing as a technical challenge/excercise. Before recently buying Eaton's Spellbound, the only routine I'd practice was an AC, and that's purely as a means of practicing the various moves I've learned (edit: DL, CP, HP, TOP, DPS, P*******c S***t, C*****i C****e,M***o T**t, etc).

I'm aware that magic is much more than just the moves so now I'd like to learn more about the performance side of things, and routines that make the best use of those moves for the maximum impact, if that makes sense.
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Jul 7, 2019 05:49PM)
I managed the late Tim Deremer's Girl To Gorilla side show about 25 years ago. Our gorilla was not as big as Kong, though.

What are all them there ************************* for?

Message: Posted by: Kong (Jul 7, 2019 06:05PM)
Sorry, Dick - that's me treading carefully around any potential disclosure issues until I get familiar with the forum rules.

That act sounds fascinating, I'll look it up. Cheers Dick.
Message: Posted by: Kong (Jul 8, 2019 05:00AM)
Dick - embarrassingly, I've only just learnt about the extent of your involvement in magic. It's an honour to cross paths with you, even if in a virtual sense. Bobo's Modern Coin Magic was added to my bookshelf last week (I picked up a used copy along with an old-style 10p expanded shell to play with for a very good price from a online used magic store).

With seasoned pros like yourself and Mary contributing, I can see why this forum is so popular.

Thank you sir and please keep up the good work.
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Jul 8, 2019 06:31AM)
Thanks for your kind words! J.B. was a friend for 50 +/- years. I'm sure that you'll find much worth while information in his book. Mary too, has been a friend since the early '80s. I remember meeting her when I lectured for the Sacramento Ring.

I'm 87 and retired, but, still "keep a hand in".

Welcome to our motley crew!

Message: Posted by: Kong (Jul 11, 2019 04:40AM)
Great stuff, Dick.

I saw it meantioned in another thread that you and J.B. were friends. It stopped me in my tracks to be honest. There I am, a keen green student trying to learn from the greats, and a member of a forum I just joined was a friend of one of them!

Anyway, thanks to J.B. my latest practice project is a retention vanish from his MCM, namely the illusive coin pass (credited to T.J. Crawford). I practice vanishing the coin and then producing it from the same hand. Done well it should look like nothing has happened (an anti-magic trick?). A bit pointless but a good exercise nonetheless. I've some way to go yet but it'll come.