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Topic: Advice
Message: Posted by: Paul V (Jul 9, 2019 02:41PM)
Hi Everyone,

I am very interested in learning the effect were you can produce a mouse with your hands, I have a link below to show what Iím trying to achieve. The production happens around 1 Minute and 11 seconds, any advice or guidance would be very appreciated as I am having difficulty in locating information on how to do this production.

Message: Posted by: gallagher (Jul 9, 2019 04:34PM)
you start with a piece of cheese... 🧀

WoW!,..the guy is great!
Thanks for pointing the video out.
What a great Magician.
What a great Act.
What a pleasure.

Message: Posted by: Paul V (Jul 9, 2019 04:59PM)
I canít stop watching his videoís, when I saw the mouse production my jaw dropped. Iíd go as far as say itís probably the best effect Iíve ever seen 😊
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Jul 9, 2019 06:07PM)
Well Paul, you cannot LEARN an EFFECT. An EFFECT is what the spectator PERCEIVES.

The link didn't "work" for me, so I don't KNOW exactly what he did, except that you say that he produced a mouse. There are many ways to produce livestock. In my 70 years of performing, I've produced doves, a rabbit, a chicken, a skunk, etc.

Since you are obviously a beginner, it would not help to tell you how I produced them. (You wouldn't know the technical terms, etc,)

We do not discuss secrets in this forum. When you have at least 50 "qualified" posts, several fora will automatically open, and, you'll be able to discuss methods. However, no one will automatically "tip" their secrets. When you have 50 posts, you will likely have enough experience that you wont need to ask, or you will know how to tactfully and respectfully, ask for advice.

The first thing that I learned (regarding a trick) was that one should never ask a magician how he did a trick. You may compliment his performance, and, depending on his judgment of whether you are qualified, he may or may not tell you his method.

You cannot BUY a TRICK! A trick only exists while it is being performed. You can buy a PROP with which you can perform a trick.

MAGIC only "happens" in the mind(s) of the spectator(s)

Magic is not inherently entertaining, The performer's "job" is to make the trick entertaining, using a good PRESENTATION.

I suggest that you invest in. read, no study,Tarbell. You will learn PRINCIPLES.
Message: Posted by: Paul V (Jul 10, 2019 12:40AM)
I have a theory on how itís partly achieved, thereís just one little issue thatís niggling my head but as secrets canít be discussed here Iím unable to elaborate more. I have tarbell, with the mouse being produced from the flat hands onto the floor I was thinking it may be similar to the cigarette, vanish gimmick but in reverse
Message: Posted by: TheTableTopTrixta (Jul 10, 2019 02:55PM)
The magicians name is Maciej Musialik a.k.a. Diobo. He has spent years on this original routine. I belive It should stay original.
Message: Posted by: Paul V (Jul 10, 2019 03:47PM)
In that case I shall gracefully back off then out of respect to him, I wouldnít appreciate someone copying me. I was just more interested in learning it for my own enjoyment more than showing laymen on the street or at a gig. Iíll get over it lol
Message: Posted by: TheTableTopTrixta (Jul 10, 2019 03:55PM)
Isn't it amazing Paul. Try a hamster :)
Message: Posted by: Paul V (Jul 10, 2019 04:39PM)
Maybe I should of worded it better, the main part for me out of Dioboís routine I am interested in is the seemingly, bare handed production of the mouse, not to say I want to produce a mouse but something entirely different. The method of the production is the best Iíve seen
Message: Posted by: Paul V (Jul 10, 2019 05:09PM)
[quote]On Jul 10, 2019, TheTableTopTrixta wrote:
Isn't it amazing Paul. Try a hamster :) [/quote]

Lol 😂 Iíd love to but I have a fear of rodents, Iím mainly interested in learning the production he uses, if thereís a prop or gimmick on the market that could achieve that. I know of the Raven but thatís the opposite way round. I would probably do a signed note / bill vanish, then make an object appear with Dioboís production method, containing the signed bill. Maybe a Lemon or an Orange if possible
Message: Posted by: deadcatbounce (Oct 16, 2019 05:28PM)
I've seen him several times - last time was Blackpool convention. He was lecturing and performing - but that wasn't enough for him..He was doing his routine any chance he could get, and hatting the magicians... :-) Not only is his act brilliant - but he's the hardest working street performer I've seen. He rarely misses an opportunity to hat. His lecture was also good, but he didn't touch on his effects. The part of his show that stumped me for a bit was the transformation from paper to egg. The effect is so old, that most modern day magic guys wouldn't suss the method. I'm old. But I still didn't spot till about the third time I saw him. Gazzo took him in hand when he first hit the UK.

Message: Posted by: JoeJoe (Oct 16, 2019 06:16PM)
The one thing I don't think you have thought of is: the mouse. It is not a prop, it is a living creature ... before you can even start to think about gimmicks and handling, you have to learn how to take care of a mouse.

And being as how you want to perform with this mouse, it is not just a pet it is a partner ... which means you are going to be spending a lot of time with this creature, not just the few moments that you actually perform with it.

I know many are thinking "it's just a mouse", but I assure you there is more to taking care of a mouse than you may be thinking ... there are entire isles in the pet store devoted to taking care of such a creature.

Personal opinion: unless you like mice and already have a mouse, there is no need to learn how to do this. Get a puppet or something. All of my experience says "it is more work that it is worth".