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Topic: A new utility move?
Message: Posted by: Laughing (Jul 19, 2019 04:18AM)
After 2 years learning card magic I think I may have come up with a new utility move and was wondering if more experienced card folks could let me know if this is genuinely new?

The move shows the "spectators card" which is indifferent. I then throw the card onto the table and it turns into the spectators actual card. The move uses a tenkai palm (their card) and a swap on the toss. The indifferent card is held in the hand with the palmed spectators card.

This is the first sleight I have made up myself, so I am hoping it is actually new.

Message: Posted by: TomB (Jul 19, 2019 04:34AM)
Congrats on mastering a slick sleight.

Is that the same as a tenkai force?
Message: Posted by: Laughing (Jul 19, 2019 05:04AM)
Hi Tom, no though it could be used as a force I guess.

It is more of a sucker reveal. You have the spectators card in tenkai palm, take an indifferent top card from the deck and at this point you can put the deck down as you reveal the indifferent card. The spectator assumes you have it wrong, now in the action of tossing the card onto the table you do a switch with the card in tenkai. Whilst it takes a bit of mastering (still working on that) the natural movement of tossing the card covers the sleight.

I got the idea from Joshua Janousky's whiplash trailer though I suspect whiplash uses a flap.
Message: Posted by: Drylid (Jul 19, 2019 05:42PM)
Ive done something like this for about 10nyears. I don't believe its new at all as I learned mine on an ellusionist dvd

Actually rereading your explanation is different than what I learned as the one I know uses a double lift and the card is switched into tenkai as its thrown where as yours starts in tenkai. Pm me if you wanna brainstorm as card sleights are my specialty by far
Message: Posted by: Laughing (Jul 20, 2019 07:39AM)
Thanks Drylid, it seems they are very similar but start from a different start point.

I, usually tenkai palm the card from the bottom of the deck, with the deck face up. The spectators card is controlled to the bottom (when the deck is face up).

I flip the cards face up, after controlling their card to the top, your card is not on the bottom, I now tenkai palm the top card which is now on the bottom. Flip the cards so they are back up, lift the now top card and ask, but this one is your card (it's not).

Holding the shown card in my right hand, clipped between the second and third fingers, when they say "No" I curl my fingers in, placing the visible card under the palmed card, re-grp the palmed card and lob it onto the table. This action is covered by the exaggerated motion of tossing a card.

It sounds very much like the version you learned except in that version the spectators card is not in tenkai, the indifferent card ends up there as a ditch.

I asked the question only for personal satisfaction, as it is probably incredibly difficult to come up with something new.

At the minute I am really awkward with the handling, but I think back to my first awful attempts at a DPS and I know I can get this smooth and it will feel great using my own sleight in my own trick, sorta like a real magician! :-)

Thanks for your input and very kind offer of PM
Message: Posted by: danaruns (Jul 20, 2019 10:35AM)
Pop Haydn taught me a toss change that doesn't use a Tenkai palm, and sounds like it's easier than the one you're using. With a double, the indifferent card js held face up, then a turn of the wrist, and the indifferent card is classic palmed while the spectator's card is dropped onto the table. A little knacky, but it's one of my favorite moves to do. Yours sounds fun, too, but harder and a little more angle sensitive.
Message: Posted by: Laughing (Jul 21, 2019 04:51PM)
Dana, Ouch, I have already spent weeks getting this anywhere near workable, and I can see how this would be easier. From a fingertip grip of a double slide the top, indifferent card into palm as you toss the bottom card onto the table, darn!

Ah wait just a moment, my technique allows for the target card to be palmed at any time before the reveal, independent of the "Is this your card" - Am I clutching at straws now!

Oh and you are right about the angles, it is dependent on the tenkai palm and the angles associated, however, as misdirection goes, their card face up on the table allows me to get my dog to come over, take the card from my hand and walk out of the room without anyone noticing!
Message: Posted by: Pop Haydn (Aug 5, 2019 02:26PM)
Dana is referring to the Eddie Fechter Toss Change. Here is Eddie doing it at 7:40:


You may notice there is no big movement on the Toss Change. It is very natural and relaxed.
Message: Posted by: Laughing (Aug 9, 2019 08:00AM)
Thanks for that Pop, you are right it is completely natural looking. I have come up with something that does require a tossing action to cover the curling back of the fingers. I still haven't got it right yet and am thinking of abandoning it, it seems almost impossible to do it invisibly at the moment. All that said I love the idea of performing my own effect with one of my own sleights.

This does bring me to another thought. When I first learnt the DPS, I thought I was missing tendons, or muscles or even a bone or two in my hand as I didn't think the movement was possible in a natural manner. After a month or so, I can do a fair DPS. So the guy who came up with this move, how did he know it was possible in the first place? Why did he keep pursuing a seemingly impossible move!

Oh also I can sell the sleight and be a millionaire this time next week! :-).

I will post a clip of the move once I have it looking reasonable for comparison and feedback.