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Topic: New arrival
Message: Posted by: vernon (Nov 18, 2001 01:42AM)
Well, well, well, this is interesting.

A place where I can give and receive inspiration on this art of ours.

Im living on a desert island called íTeneriffeí in the Canary Islands, working as a magician... or as Carl Ballantyne would put it.. ímagishuní.

Donít have constant access to the net, only from visits to the net Cafe.

I Look forward to jawing with everyone out there in magicland.

Oh by the way, I do close up and have a meager stand up show... what fun... canít wait to get to work tonite... :) :)
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Nov 18, 2001 01:51AM)
Welcome to the Cafe Vernon,

so nice to have you join our little group here! :nose: :bigdance: :dancing:


There will always be those that wish to rain on your parade, so never leave home without an umbrella...
Message: Posted by: Mya Angel (Nov 18, 2001 07:36AM)
:babyface: Hi Magishun Vernon from Teneriffe!

That is a mouthful to say. :heehee:

We are sooooooooo glad you found us. :nod:

Are speciality for today is close-up magic,

so if you're looking for great magic, great people and fun you've come to the right spot. We're open 24/7 and just waiting to serve you. :lol:

So, take a look at our menu, and if you have any question's or need anything be sure to ask one of our moderators who will be only to happy to be of assistance. :rotf:

Enjoy your stay at the "Magic Cafe" and do come again soon. :bg:


Mya :angel:
Message: Posted by: Steve Landavazo (Nov 18, 2001 08:32AM)
Welcome Vernon!

Working in the Canary Islands must be kind of like working in a paradise! Am I mistaken, or is this pretty much what itís like?

Itís very nice having you Vernon!

:dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing:
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Nov 18, 2001 09:41AM)
I... I... (gulp)... I... canít believe it.

I... Iím talking to the real Vernon.

Forget Elvis, Vernon Lives! :wavey:

Welcome Vernon!

Tell us more about your gig(s). Did your gig take you to the Canary Islands or did you find a gig where you happened to be, or wanted to be?

Internet Cafes are amazing. When at FISM I found an Internet bar in Lisboa where I could share mail with folks back home...

and toast to the good life at the same time!

OK, in a big city like Lisboa it is no surprize. I spent a few days on the southern coast of Portugal. A delightful little village of only a couple hundred people.

Lo-and-behold, I walked into a very small Cafe/Bar there, and, one computer was set up in a corner. I knew what that meant, I could reach out to the world from this tiny little village... and toast to the good life.

It was amazing.

The Internet was an OK place even before The Magic Cafe. :goof:

Great to have you here Vernon.

Keep us updated on island life!

:dancing: :banana: :dancing: :banana: :dance: :dancing:

Maybe weíll come for a visit :vcool:


Message: Posted by: Bengi (Nov 18, 2001 01:01PM)
Welcome to The Cafe, Vernon!!!!!!!

Bengi :wavey:
Message: Posted by: Magicman0323 (Nov 18, 2001 04:06PM)
Welcome to the CAFE !!!!

:) :wavey: :dance: :yippee: :bigdance: