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Topic: Found No Name Packet Effect
Message: Posted by: JimMagicguy (Jul 20, 2019 02:16PM)
This may be impossible, or it may be in or from someone's past working repertoire....

I found an old vinyl packet effect wallet in it are 9 cards.....there's a 4 of a kind and an indifferent card, in my instance, four 4's H/C/S/D and a king of hearts and all 5 have different backs, meaning all 4 backs are from different brands and colors of deck....the other 4 cards are double backers, one side a duplicate of one of the 4's backs, the other side are 4 completely different backs from novelty decks lets say.

So I'm thinking I have some version of Jazz Aces on steroids where the 4's change backs 4 times and then at the end a kicker where the four 4's all change to 4 completely different backs, say a Coke back, Puppy dogs back, Bally's Casino back, and say an add for Progressive car insurance. Thought could be Randy Wakeman's Backs to the Future, found the video for Mike Powers Jazz Fusion, which I also though it might be...sadly no...but found the video for Randy Wakeman's Backs to the future on Penguin...discontinued...started out to be doable with the cards I found, except for the kicker ending? Unless he marketed a 2nd version with a kicker ending

If anyone can help, would be greatly appreciated...also the double back cards are not professionally printed double backers, and don't appear to be split cards glued together...simply just 2 cards glued face to face making for a very thick 13 card packet effect....it could be Cervon's Dirty Deal? I know it's from the 90's as that was when I was doing all my walk around and would have been buying "killer" packet effects.

Message: Posted by: Chuck Finley (Jul 20, 2019 03:46PM)
Could it be Wild Card Outdone by Ron Frost I think there is an explanation in Frank Garcias wild card book.
Message: Posted by: MeetMagicMike (Jul 21, 2019 04:50PM)
There are many different tricks that use that group of cards. Danny Archer's Eye Exam for instance.


You should be able to show your 4's then have each one apparently turn face down. Then put one card in your pocket only to have it jump back, then reveal the odd backs. Watch the video and you can probably figure out the handling

In your case the king would never be seen.

Oops, I see that you have more cards than I thought. Could it be two packet tricks and not one?