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Topic: Alternatives to Magic Shops?
Message: Posted by: boyof1000faces (Jul 20, 2019 09:30PM)
I have no dedicated magic shops in my area. I was wondering if there's any typical stores that sell similar items?
Magic sets aren't too hard to find; I'm more think of individual effects. Internet, of course, is a go to, but I'd love to see things IRL on a shelf!

In the United States, I've seen that The Dollar Tree had a few things a few years ago (they have small sets currently. Nothing special.), various locations have started carrying Theory11 made cards and the ocasional "As Seen on TV" trick.

Is there any store in the USA that sells magic tricks? :(

Is Spencer's Gifts a good place to look at? Since their thing is prank and novelty products already. That's the only place I can think of that I can see having anything.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Jul 21, 2019 02:06PM)
If practical to your circumstances, consider attending a Magic Convention. You'll have a ball, make a lot of friends, learn a great deal AND see all the latest goodies.