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Topic: 6 and 9 by Sean Yang
Message: Posted by: Sean Yang (Jul 22, 2019 05:16AM)
Hi folks!
This is my new release called "6 and 9"
It looks only with dirty joke but it's not.I have many card for an alternative ending like:
Number (for all the age)
Zodiac sign (for all the age )
69 position (18+) I preform it in bar or close friend... it's kind of prank.

Full routine:


6+6 = 12
9+9 = 18
6+9 = What comes to your mind?

6 and 9 is a packet trick made out of simple math equations and funny jokes. Through a series of questions and answers, the answer card changes by magic every time a question is changed!! With just a few cards, you can perform the funniest magic ever.

This pocket trick also comes with extra cards for an alternative ending, so you can perform it for any type of audience in any situation.

Optional ending:

1. Number
2. Zodiac sign
3. 69 position (18+)


1. An amazing and funny effect.
2. Contains both "basic" and "advance" routines. No problem for magic newbies.
3. With 4 cards for alternative ending. Unlimited variations are suitable for everyone.
4. Easy to carry.
5. Printed with high-quality cards.

The product contains:

- 6 and 9 packet
- Online introductions
Message: Posted by: Ceierry (Jul 22, 2019 05:58AM)
Love this!