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Topic: Hi from Germany
Message: Posted by: Paddy Loch (Jul 24, 2019 10:10AM)
my name is paddy & i`m from germany, near coblence. i`m 42 and already in early retirement due to some health issues. that leaves me with lots of free time, so I dj, do sound design and produce electronic music. in my 20s I did some card magic and mentalism as a hobby and when I was looking for sth to train my hands and fingers I remembered that, started again and it got more and more, soon I found myself covered in books and videos. 2 weeks ago I did my first street performance (which went way better than I thought) and now i`m excited to join here
Message: Posted by: TomB (Jul 24, 2019 05:59PM)
Hello Paddy. Glad you found enjoyment in your medical retirement. Magic brings lots of smiles to faces.
Message: Posted by: Mary Mowder (Jul 28, 2019 05:56PM)
Welcome Paddy Loch,

Congratulations on your first street performance going well and especially on getting out there and doing it.

My dexterity has greatly improved by doing card flourishes. It is a real confidence builder because I was known for being kind of clumsy with my hands growing up.

Best of luck.

-Mary Mowder
Message: Posted by: jimhlou (Aug 24, 2019 09:44AM)
Hi Paddy, welcome to the Café!
Message: Posted by: lizzard_king (Aug 27, 2019 06:26AM)
Hello Paddy welcome, I think it is so cool that you have done your first performance for people. Are there any parts of your routine that got fantastic responses that you would care to share? Also, what parts of doing Mentalist effects do you enjoy the most not the secrets, just which aspects of it? Do you have a favorite Mentalist effect?
Message: Posted by: Paddy Loch (Oct 18, 2019 05:39AM)
liquid killer and coin bends with coinvexed got me by far the best responses. on the other side, I had and still have massive problems with my nail writer, it just won`t stick at my nail, always falls of. have to work on that... I just bought me the razor wallet, cannot wait to try that one out.
personally i`m more of the `quiet guy`, speaking to and managing the audience is rather difficult for me. so i`m most impressed and fascinated by the propless mentalism of peter turner and co.
Message: Posted by: mashaprofy (Oct 28, 2019 06:57AM)
Hi from Ukraine, guys!
Message: Posted by: ElDan88 (May 3, 2020 06:12PM)
Hello from germany to germany