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Topic: Hypnosis performances
Message: Posted by: Alikzam (May 22, 2004 09:05PM)
I'm looking to find some hypnosis performances. If anybody can point me in the direction of some DVDs/VHS that would be great!

Thank you very much.
Message: Posted by: jlibby (May 23, 2004 08:53PM)
Go to ebay and do a search under "stage hypnosis." There are usually several performances tapes and DVDs available.

See ya!
Joe L.
Message: Posted by: Ken Dyne (Jun 15, 2004 07:33PM)
There are some good dvds of Johnathan Royle's shows, I thought they were good anyway, dispite how ethical or not we may think he is, on hypnoshop.co.uk. see what you think.