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Topic: Happy Birthday, M.R. James
Message: Posted by: PROF BC (Aug 1, 2019 07:20AM)
157 years old today. Still fresh and delightful.
Message: Posted by: steven-gibson (Aug 1, 2019 11:26AM)
Happy Birthday Monty and thank you for your part in my favorite book test ever. GH@ST !!
Message: Posted by: Eddie Garland (Aug 1, 2019 07:08PM)
Thanks to the good Professor I shall project his image upon my walls this night.
Message: Posted by: Bogbadger (Aug 3, 2019 03:04AM)
That would explain why I had that wondrous nightmare on Thursday night! Happy Birthday Monty. Might be over that way soon working, I'll take the secateurs and will give his grave a tidy up if it needs it. Just hope that shadowy figure doesn't stand at a distance watching me again this time!
Message: Posted by: galerius (Aug 3, 2019 11:55AM)
Happy Birthday to the Provost, and thanks for all his amazing tales !
Message: Posted by: DrTodd (Aug 8, 2019 03:22AM)
And on my ambrotype, a message appears....