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Topic: Dice, Dice Baby Routine
Message: Posted by: marc_carrion (Aug 1, 2019 09:59AM)
Hi, I just got this from a member. Nothing in the explanations is super complicate to do. But I was thinking how to set a routine around the dice. This is the best I could come up, but I'm sure others can come up with better routines.

Start with Purple, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue in your left pocket. Red in your left pocket too, but somehow separated
On the table purse set for Dice Wave and another purse set for Hot Roddy with Orange prediction (you can do red if you want, either way you will need an extra dice for this)
On the table face down prediction for Perfect 6

1. Dice Wave
2. Translocation, but I end with the last translucent dice moving in the right direction, I like the ending suggested, but I don't like the move used for that, so I would just use a chink-a-chink move on that last one
3. Homing Dice: Steal the red dice on your left pocket with your left hand, and put the red dice used for the previous routine clearly on your right pocket, take your hand out of the pocket clearly empty before starting the homing dice.
4. Hot Roddy: You end up with a red dice and a hidden clear one on your left hand (at least on my handling). Go to the left pocket and drop the clear dice while you bring the other five colored die. You have 6 different color die and ready for Hot Roddy
5. Perfect 6 (Maybe may favorite routine in the DVD)
6. Gaddabout Dice: Take three dice (including the red one), put them in your right pocket, but bring back the red one, you are ready for gaddabout.

Thoughts? There maybe some 'repetition' of effects, a couple of predictions, but I think they can be constructed in a way that they complement each other. And you could stop anywhere (except 4, I think 4 is the weakest of the effects)

Also, this is limiting myself to using things from this DVD, there are other things you could do with dice too (it's the rules, or count to 10, guessing sums,... ) so any other thoughts are welcome :)

Message: Posted by: Doric (Aug 24, 2019 01:41AM)
Nice routining, thanks for sharing.
Message: Posted by: martonikus (Apr 11, 2021 12:35AM)
I like the concept very much. One drawback to the Carey video is that 100% of the routines presented require a working surface. I was hoping for something that could be performed stand-up, but none were included.