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Topic: Non exaggerated karate coin?
Message: Posted by: mkhodadoust.24 (Aug 2, 2019 07:50AM)
Hello everyone, I have been watching curtis kams live act and to perform the rainmaker effect you need to have a non exaggerated karate coin. What that is is a coin with just a hole in it. Ive been going to severel magic shops and looking at websites and can't find it. All of them have like the silver popping out of the coin. If someone can find somewhere or website that sells or if you perform that effect please let me know
Message: Posted by: Makaveli (Aug 2, 2019 10:36AM)
Why not just drill a hole in a normal coin?
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Aug 2, 2019 12:03PM)
[quote]On Aug 2, 2019, Makaveli wrote:
Why not just drill a hole in a normal coin? [/quote]

Yep! that's the way I did it long time ago now. :) And I think when it is not exploded, it might more precisely be referred to as a "Finger Gimlet." But Karate Coin will still get you there too. :)

But if you're looking for someone that sells them as you want it, check here...


*Oh, and welcome to the Café, mk... :)
Message: Posted by: countrymaven (Aug 3, 2019 09:01AM)
I sent Lassen an email on the cost of a half dollar set. Yesterday. Let's see how long it takes to hear from him. hehe.
Message: Posted by: cperkins (Aug 3, 2019 12:19PM)
I went to a local jewelry store...they sized my forefinger to the middle knuckle and drilled a hole in my silver dollar just the way I wanted it.

No fuss, no muss..