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Topic: Estimation/Guestimation
Message: Posted by: Zipposrsa (Aug 3, 2019 06:16AM)
Hi All,

I am hoping that the collective brilliance, that the Café has, can point me in the right direction.

When asking a spectator to name a card and locating it in the Mnemonic stack, I would love to hear thoughts on the best method.

I use either a Scam card or a breather crimp, cut 9 of D to the face. I now know where to cut to get to the named card.

That is the first cut, Now is my problem! I always have to do 3/4 or more cuts to get selected card to the top. First cut I am 2 or 3 off and then I am not sure how to go from there.

I either battle with a double undercut using my little finger to count of a couple of cards or a I do an awkward shuffle (a couple of cards from top to bottom)

I have seen Juan Tamariz, Woody Aragon and the likes always do it in basically 2 cuts (every time)

Is there any resource I could go to, or advise you guys can offer.

Thanks a Mill

Message: Posted by: swayne100 (Aug 3, 2019 09:10AM)
I think Michael Close's book on men deck work is exactly what you're looking for. I think its called Road to Riffsville or something like that
Message: Posted by: Bobby Forbes (Aug 3, 2019 07:12PM)
Message: Posted by: David Numen (Aug 4, 2019 03:57PM)
I have both the Maigret system and the Close book. For me, whilst there is merit in the Maigret system it is not something I personally find I need to use thanks to diligent practice and the information in the Close book.

I recommend both but if you had to choose just one then get the Close book as it will help you a great deal.
Message: Posted by: Waterloophai (Aug 5, 2019 01:34AM)
I fully agree that the Close book will help you a great deal with the (old) system "estimate, peek and adjust". A system that has proven its merits in the past and still proves it.
However, comparing with the Maigret System (System-C) is like comparing apples to oranges.

With the Maigret System you don't have to "estimate" and to "peek" and possibly to "adjust".
Without a peek you are always 100% within 2 seconds at the right card; You can even do it blindfolded. All these things are simply not possible with the old system.
"not having to look" is so important!

In summary, I would like to say that everyone who works with a memorized deck must have mastered the system of "estimate, peek and adjust". The Close book is therefore certainly useful and a must for every beginner.

However, if you then want to work more refined and more sophisticated, the System-C is a leap forward.
Message: Posted by: Melephin (Aug 27, 2020 06:54AM)
- If you are two cards off for example. Just drop them. Oohps. Put them back on top or bottom (depending you cut to card too much or less). Done!
- Or, show the two cards saying: "you could have named this one, or that one" and putt them back to the bottom. Done again!
- If you wanna do it with a cut, spread the cards by saying, you could have named any card, counting the cards missing (top or bottom), and when you square the deck again, keep a pinky break and do the cut or undercut.