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Topic: Idea for Magic App / copyright issues?
Message: Posted by: DelMonte-man (Aug 3, 2019 07:18AM)
Hi all,

I've made a simple magic app for iPhone to assist me in one specific card trick:

The spectator chooses 5 random cards from a full deck and gives those cards
to magician's assistant. Then the assistant passes four of those cards to the
magician and then the magician can tell which is the remaining card.

Of course my app plays the assistant's role. The spec chooses 5 cards from my app and
then the app gives instructions like "First, give the magician the Ace of Spades" and so on.

I've seen that trick on a stage show many years ago and after that I created
a method of my own to do that trick (of course it could be the same method the
magician on that stage show used, but there are many ways to do that trick).

Do you know if there are any copyright issues related to that specific trick (I don't
even know the name of that trick)?

If I publish my app to Apple's App Store could it be a violation of someone's copyright?

With so many ingenious magic apps available today, do you think anyone could be interested in a simple app like that?

Thanks in advance!