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Topic: Living Overseas
Message: Posted by: bluejay17! (Aug 8, 2019 08:14AM)
I live in Zambia (find a map guys) and I would love to join a magic organization. I don't think there are any groups nearby. How would I join?
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Aug 10, 2019 05:43AM)
I believe that you must be 18 to join the "I Bother Magicians Association"! I joined in 1950. After 60+ years, I resigned. I knew the founders of the IBM. We'll discuss joining, via PMs.

I was not a member of the "Some Are Magicians" when the late Jay Marshall, asked me, "Who should we nominate for the position of DEAN? (an Honorary title). I suggested, "DORNY". Jay agreed. DORNY (Werner Dornfield) was appointed DEAN, A month later, Dorny asked me. "Why aren't you a member of SAM:" I replied, "No one "has ever asked me to join." Dorny said, "Well, I will ask you!" So, I joined. Years later, when Dorny died, Jay was appointed DEAN.