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Topic: Miniature Fire Eating Act?
Message: Posted by: bluejay17! (Aug 8, 2019 08:25AM)
I want to perform fire eating and other fire tricks on a smaller scale, possibly even indoors. What would this look like?
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Aug 8, 2019 05:05PM)
I'm an old fire eater. It's dangerous! Only attempt it with training from someone who is a successful fire eater.
Message: Posted by: Lloyd McDonald (Nov 2, 2019 04:53AM)
Not quite sure what you mean minature. I have over forty years experience. I guess seems I have a face and no lasting scars you might say I have been successful. If you just want an indoor show you should be aware of cealing fansand or drafts. Secondly your next enemy is smoke alarms. Meaning you gotta know when to stop. I am assuming you have had or intend to get some experience. Lastly for blowing out of your mouth I have found that butane is excellent. It doesn't drip, it is clean and can be controlled. That is about all that I can tell you. Expect to burn your tongue eyelashes and lips. Most important know when to stop. Undoubtedly your ego will lead you to push past what is safe and the limitations of your fuel in the torch. Take precautions and I think you will do well.

Message: Posted by: WitchDocChris (Nov 4, 2019 09:12AM)
Was at a show in Harrisburg where the fire eater set off the smoke detectors. That got annoying quick.

Techniques have changed over the years - look up a guy called Shade Flamewater. He's the best one I know of (Though I am not nearly as keyed into the community as I once was).

Do definitely get trained by someone who knows what they are doing. It's dangerous. Also, check into the laws regarding fire and pyrotechnics indoors for your area. There are plenty of places that won't allow an open flame in an indoor act at all. Like Rhode Island. Other places may require a special permit and certain fire safety standards be met.
Message: Posted by: Circuit_Breaker (Nov 24, 2019 11:09AM)
Eating lit cigarettes is like a miniature fire eating routine. There are several tricks you can do with that. Like breathing out smoke after eating them. And of course reproducing them from your mouth still lit.

You can also do full lit cigarette routines. People will wonder where the lit cigarettes are coming from. And why you haven't burnt your clothes or yourself in the process. You need to be properly trained to do all of this too.