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Topic: Two ideas
Message: Posted by: volant (Jul 21, 2002 12:38AM)
These are two ideas I been working on...

First: Autopsy Turvy

The magician tells a story about a man who died after being run over by a train and cut in two. Half his body was down, and the other half was face up. The magician then turns half a deck face up, and leaves the other half face down.

Whatever the coroner did, the body would not go the same way. Magician makes cards go face to face twice. He(the coroner) then gets mad and decides to chop the body up into more pieces. The magician then shuffles the face-up cards into the face-down ones. "He left the body parts in the body bag... When he came back, the body was in one piece again." Magician shows deck facing same way.
I know what you're thinking, "great trick for kids!" ;)

Second: Cross-Dressing Cards.

Basicly a card changing trick where the card changes about 5 times. My original idea was for the Kings to change to Queens, but that required a set-up:(. A reason for me to do all those color changes. The patter would be about(duh!) cards who cross-dress.

Looking foward to comments! :) :devilish: