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Topic: New Effect
Message: Posted by: Jordiie (Aug 21, 2019 08:14AM)

I am working on a new effect that uses the same idea as the WOW sleeve. Does anyone know who first created the WOW gimmick? He/she is probably my best point of call
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Aug 21, 2019 02:25PM)
I'm sorry to tell you that there aint no such thing!


I suspect that you mean TRICK.

Dariel Fitzkee, in his "The Trick Brain" published in the mid '40s, listed the NINETEEN EFFECTS that magicians can do. NO ONE has added a new EFFECT, yet.
Message: Posted by: TomB (Aug 23, 2019 09:29PM)
From my Google search skills, it is currently being sold by Katsuya Masuda.

It's just a simple optical illusion though.
Message: Posted by: Déclic (Aug 24, 2019 02:30AM)
Only nineteen? I had no idea.. thanks for your encyclopedic knowledge:)
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Aug 24, 2019 03:32AM)
You're very welcome!

Production, Vanish, Transposition, Transformation, Penetration, Restoration, Levitation, Animation, ETC.
Message: Posted by: TomB (Aug 24, 2019 06:05AM)
Numerous magicians have made their own list. Either simplifying or complicating the effects/categories. Robert Neale's list combines the Fitzkee 19 basic effects into 3 main categories: Being, Doing, and Relating. Those categories each have a sub category. Note, an effect can be in more than one category.

This list was originally posted in The Magic Mirror.

[B]existing or not existing:[/b]
[List][*][b]1-production[/b] (appearance, creation, multiplication)
[*][b]2-vanish[/b] (disappearance, obliteration)
[*][b]14-control[/b] (mind over the inanimate)[/list]
[B]characteristics changing or not changing:[/b]
[List][*][b]4-transformation[/b] (change in appearance, character or identity)
[*][b]5-penetration[/b] (one solid through another)
[*][b]12-physical anomaly[/b] (contradictions, abnormalities, freaks)
[*][b]14-control[/b] (mind over the inanimate)[/list]
[B]holding together or falling apart:[/b]
[List][*][b]6-restoration[/b] (making the destroyed whole)
[*][b]11-invulnerability[/b] (injury-proof)
[*][b]14-control[/b] (mind over the inanimate)[/list]
[B]moving or not moving in space:[/b]
[List][*][b]3-transposition[/b] (change in location)
[*][b]15-identification[/b] (specific discovery)
[*][b]7-animation[/b] (movement imparted to the inanimate)
[*][b]8-anti-gravity[/b] (levitation and change in weight)
[*][b]19-extrasensory perception[/b] (unusual perception, other than mind)
[*][b]16-thought reading[/b] (mental perception, mind reading)[/list]
[B]moving or not moving in time:[/b]
[List][*][b]18-prediction[/b] (foretelling the future)
[*][b]19-extrasensory perception[/b] (unusual perception, other than mind)[/list]
[B]functioning or not functioning according to one's nature:[/b]
[List][*][b]7-animation[/b] (movement imparted to the inanimate)
[*][b]8-anti-gravity[/b] (levitation and change in weight)
[*][b]14-control[/b] (mind over the inanimate)
[*][b]19-extrasensory perception[/b] (unusual perception, other than mind)[/list]
[B]attracting or repelling:[/b]
[List][*][b]9-attraction[/b] (mysterious adhesion)
[*][b]17-thought transmission[/b] (thought projection and transference)
[*][b]13-spectator failure[/b] (magician's challenge)[/list]
[B]agreeing or disagreeing:[/b]
[List][*][b]10-sympathetic reaction[/b] (sympathetic response)[/list]
[B]union or disunion:[/b]
[List][*][b]5-penetration[/b] (one solid through another)

If you like this type of information, this is just the introduction (chapter 1) of the Trick Book. The rest of the book is dedicated to combining these 19 effects.