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Topic: Frank Everhart, Jr. / Key West
Message: Posted by: epoptika (Aug 22, 2019 12:52PM)
Does anyone have any current news on how Frank Everhart, Jr. is doing in Key West?
The last news I heard was that he was blinded in an accident a couple years ago, and I have heard nothing since.
Is he doing better? Have his eyes healed?
Does anyone have any news on his current situation?
Message: Posted by: ringmaster (Aug 24, 2019 06:29PM)
Message: Posted by: epoptika (Aug 24, 2019 09:55PM)
Thanks, but that GoFundMe link is over two years old. I was hoping for some current news on his health & vision.
Message: Posted by: Wravyn (Aug 25, 2019 02:34PM)
At the bottom of fund me pages, there is an area for comments... You could always ask there how he is doing.
Message: Posted by: MJE (Aug 25, 2019 04:18PM)
I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that he was doing his thing in Chicago a while back. It may have only been a one-off gig, but that would indicate that there's been progress.
Message: Posted by: epoptika (Aug 26, 2019 10:19PM)
Thank you all for your input.
Found no updated info, but checked out Schooner Wharf Bar website and their calendar shows Frank is back doing magic several nights a week. Good to see! Hope his eyes have healed completely.