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Topic: Looking for a high quality imp bottle
Message: Posted by: omagico (Aug 25, 2019 01:39PM)
Anyone know where I can find one? I'm sick of the cheap plastic ones. They just don't look good.
Message: Posted by: MeetMagicMike (Aug 25, 2019 08:09PM)
Found this one

[url=https://www.martinsmagic.com/allmagic/close-up/haunted-bottle-natural-by-viking-mfg/]Nice imp bottle[/url]
Message: Posted by: jimgerrish (Aug 25, 2019 08:21PM)
In our "Crafty Shoppe of Little Horrors" on The Magic Nook, Spellbinder shows you how to make your own "Bottle of the Djinn" from epoxy putty or clay that you harden in your oven. Its roots are in the old "Imp Bottle" which has been in magic shops for generations. It also combines elements from routines of the "Chinese Bottle," the "Pea Can," the "Magical Block," and more. It uses none of the methods employed in any of these old stand-bys, but solves the same problems using new ideas and technologies. If you want something that is new from something very old, as in the Aladdin story, then the Djinn Bottle might be for you! https://www.magicnook.com/CraftyMagic/BZ01-01Djinn.htm
Message: Posted by: gomerel (Aug 25, 2019 11:01PM)
Randi Rain makes good ones.
Message: Posted by: omagico (Aug 27, 2019 08:39AM)
Thanks for all the pointers. Just ordered the one from collectors workshop. I like their quality and style.

Just a side note the collectors workshop bottle is now $60 not $45 as listed in the review https://www.martinsmagic.com/allmagic/close-up/haunted-bottle-natural-by-viking-mfg/. But hey it's been 15 years.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Aug 27, 2019 01:45PM)
[quote]On Aug 27, 2019, omagico wrote:
Thanks for all the pointers. Just ordered the one from collectors workshop... [/quote]

If I recall correctly the Viking/CW methodology is based upon the Thayer version which is not the same as the typical magic shop varieties.

Message: Posted by: jimhlou (Oct 7, 2019 05:50PM)
Can't beat Randi Rains for the price. Love mine~
Message: Posted by: James Nelson (Dec 15, 2019 02:29PM)
I bought a nice one from Hank Morehouse in the late 2000's. He was selling them for under $20. I don't know what happened to his stock after he passed away or who manufactured them. I included some photos incase someone can identify the manufacturer.
Message: Posted by: Brad Jeffers (Feb 20, 2020 11:18PM)
Here's an interesting Imp Bottle that you can get from [url=https://www.fiveofheartsmagic.com/the-imp-bottle.html]Colin Rose[/url] for 35 (that's about $45).

Message: Posted by: Brad Jeffers (Feb 20, 2020 11:57PM)
And here's a nice one that you can get from several places.

The least expensive source is [url=https://www.nikhilsmagicshop.com/2489]Nikhil's Magic Shop[/url] where you can purchase one for ₹549 (which is $7.64)!