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Topic: Gospel Dollar Bills - Money Tracts
Message: Posted by: MichaelGates (Aug 31, 2019 06:11PM)

I am a collector of gospel dollar bills. I am trying to find what types of bill have been circulating in the gospel magic community. I am familiar with some bills done by Dock Haley, and I know of at least one his designs that I have yet to obtain. I am interested in bills that have been created by magicians for bulk give away and in learning of any gospel dollar bills that have done by individuals for things such as business (dollar) cards. I often hand out gospel dollar tracts, so I know most sources for gospel bills that are not related to gospel magic. I am thinking about learning a few gospel money tricks to go along with handing out money tracts.

Dock Haley
Operation 513
Got Tracts?
Answers in Genesis
Bezeugen Tract Club
One Million Tracts

If some is looking for gospel dollar tracts of a certain topic or size, feel free to post here, but also send me a personal message.

Message: Posted by: John Long (Sep 6, 2019 09:07PM)

I think I got my extra large $100 (~15"x7") from Living waters.

They have a Gospel message on the reverse, but I find it rather verbose. Yet they are cheap enough they can be given away for the spectator to read later.

I use these not so much to present the Gospel, but to get people's attention at street fairs (they are very effective at that! and just ask "what's in you wallet", or "can you handle this much money" as they walk by, or initially folded, and they ask "can you make change for a hundred", as you pull it open)

I will next ask to show them a trick with the bill (a "wonderland" type effect that makes Ben's face move to the opposite side, and quote Mt 6:19-20 ( as the verse ends with moths and rust makes the riches disappear, I reveal that Ben's face has disappeared), and leave them holding the "flap".

At that point I seek to engage them in a conversation on spiritual matters (this is all OFF script at this point). I let them keep the bill if they are interested, I'll offer to show another (gospel based) trick, or just talk of their spiritual condition.

It has been a wonderful attention-getter at street fairs (only a couple of minutes before someone comes over. Getting people to talk about spiritual matters depends a lot on how comfortable you are at interacting with strangers (but the humor, and the fact that THEY voluntarily came over, really helps this work.)

Message: Posted by: EVENTUCATOR (Mar 20, 2020 10:40PM)
I'm not sure if we are on the same page, you mentioned a "Flap" on a 'bill'. I have cut a square flap in one of Doc. Haley's Gospel Dollars and tell the story of Jesus coming into the world. (Black and white side). If we hold His hand (I am the way) and follow Him, He will take us to Heaven. (Green side, after folding and unfolding.)
Message: Posted by: John Long (Mar 21, 2020 09:01PM)

That sounds like essentially the same "effect" that I was referring to (the bill seems to invert front to back, while the spectator holds onto the "flap")

Your presentation premise sounds good for the effect. It makes me think that if we used specially printed paper: a black and "grungy" looking white picture of a dingy street (or whatever), and the other side could be full color of some glorious appearing location.

I've also toyed with the idea of the first side having a picture of a door to a castle (the flap) that the spectator would hold, and then when "inverted" the entrance to Heaven would be depicted.

The problem with special printing, regular paper will not last too long with all the fold/unfolding


So what setting are you using this? How do you get people to come to you?

Message: Posted by: John Long (Mar 23, 2020 08:24PM)
One other presentation: I glued a white piece of paper to a white one, back to back, and then create the cuts in this for the effect.
I then talked of our sin (the red side), and how how Jesus' blood can make us white as snow (though your sins be as scarlet..)

I didn't use this presentation often(and otherwise only showed it to believers), but the last I did this for a friend, a woman from an adjacent table came over to mine and wanted to see another trick (I had shown her something earlier), and I happened to be showing this Red/white version to a friend that I was eating with.. Well the "visitor" got very upset. Not the response that I wanted..

Message: Posted by: EVENTUCATOR (Mar 23, 2020 08:59PM)
The "Doc. Haley's Gospel Dollar" possibly will not "Upset" people because it is an American "Greenback" (copy) and it creates a little interest, as I am in New Zealand. I, like you have not shown it to too many people, but I carry one in my wallet. (Just in case). The Black White side represents the world, with it's sin and some "Good Deeds, and has "Patter" already on it, One Saviour, One Way etc. Jesus pic is also B&W, He became sin while here on earth. The "GREEN BACK" representing Heaven also has 'Patter' words, 'Eternal Life, etc. I do like your idea, pasting two colours together, although double sided sheets two colours are available. (Glossy only, here at the moment.) BTW I "usually Warn" people that I do 'Gospel Magic' "do you still want to see this trick?"
Message: Posted by: John Long (Apr 4, 2020 09:52PM)
[quote]On Mar 23, 2020, EVENTUCATOR wrote:
BTW I "usually Warn" people that I do 'Gospel Magic' "do you still want to see this trick?"
Eventucator [/quote]


This particular time, however, the person just walked over while I was performing a non-gospel effect for a friend, then sat back down. At this point I pulled out the gospel effect for my friend, and the person walked over again. I gave pause, but went ahead with the trick.

Certainly the reaction was not what I wanted, and haven't gotten that type of reaction when I went to street fairs to witness (but then I take a very different approach (first effect is "inverting" a large $100, and quoting from Mathew 6 (which no one ever complained about), and then I talk to see where they are at, and go from there.

Message: Posted by: Russo (Apr 10, 2020 07:25AM)
HI - Resurrection Effect - Hat (World) - Die Box (Tomb) - Die (Christ) -- Get the Idea?? or - go to 'search' - user name "russo" - 'show message posted'- "Jan. 17, 2013" or last resort P/M me --- HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY (EASTER SUNDAY)
Message: Posted by: Russo (Apr 17, 2020 08:24AM)
7 days - where's ALL the CHRISTIANS ? -Being isolated - doesn't mean we Can't communicate - fingers tired?? (:->) It's a BLESSING to be able to talk to someone.. It's called Sharing !!! ! Bless Everyone. Keep Safe.
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Apr 17, 2020 04:26PM)
Hi Russo -

If you're missing interaction (during this time), it should be mentioned that the FCM International Group on Facebook is very active (during this time), with many discussions. In fact, there was a discussion about gospel dollar bills within the last day or two.

Also, they just had an online conference on April 3rd and 4th (lots of lecture videos posted to the page).

Mentioned here: https://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=711368&forum=198

- Donald
Message: Posted by: Russo (Apr 17, 2020 07:31PM)
Thanks Don,.. I had access to P/C for 16 years while I worked p/t at a library - then I had to re-retire to care for my Wife 24/7 - no p/c for a year - My Wonderful Wife (married a Wonderful '63' years) peacefully passed away 10/04/19- I was with her in ICU, Mind sharp and alert - weak torso - with a sparkle in her eyes , slight smile - she went into our LORDS arms - I tell you this because ,-when I called our daughter, she said 'Daddy I'm coming to be with you a week' (from Hawaii to Florida) - We went to Walmart - on the way out, she said 'here Daddy' -she gave me this Lap Top and arranged WiFi, So now , I can communicate with our kids (50 & 60) - and YOU GUYS - Plus rambling is therapeutic during a grief period -which they say could last years. So Blessing to all and to all a good night - (:>) Ralph (russo) Rousseau