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Topic: Naoki Ogi 360 Fan
Message: Posted by: Alexander Melnik (Sep 2, 2019 09:13AM)
I'm really fascinated with the mechanics of 360 Fan by Naoki Ogi and was wondering how can I reach Naoki for a permission to make a video tutorial on YouTube? A lot of people requested us to teach the move and we have a person who has mastered it to perfection and can teach it on video.

I also read a post by user Levent on the other thread saying "Being that Sanada-san has published the 360 fan (albeit in Japanese), the move can certainly be assumed to be in the public domain. So I guess you are free to learn it, if you want", so I was wondering if there's someone who can confirm the 360 fan by Naoki Ogi can actually be considered an open source flourish, should I be not able to reach Naoki?