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Topic: Replacing older Shure body packs
Message: Posted by: longhaired1 (Sep 3, 2019 02:33PM)
Hello. My irresponsible juggler lost the body pack to our Shure LX4 receiver. I will look for my answer elsewhere but thought I would ask here as well. Does anyone have information on the compatibility of various body packs with receivers. I hesitate to source one on eBay and find out it doesn't work with the LX4. Thanks in advance.
Message: Posted by: longhaired1 (Sep 3, 2019 03:04PM)
Shure got back to me with an answer. I need to buy something with the frequency listed on my receiver.
Message: Posted by: Ray Pierce (Sep 4, 2019 01:37AM)
I would stay with a Shure product and just match frequencies if you must keep the same receiver. The prices for RF mic's has come down so much that it's not that bad to replace the entire system.