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Topic: A production pad that flew under the radar
Message: Posted by: Poor dini (Sep 8, 2019 08:50AM)

This is the only retailer Iíve seen with it (and ordered mine through)

Miracle Mat Coin and Card Production Close-Up pad.

First let me say this, at this price I was super skeptical. Iíve seen ones 3x the price that while weíre ascetically gorgeous; were trash. So I took the plunge. What I received was a massive, metal trimmed, raised, velvet topped, slip resistant, hard backed close-up mat with wonderful and expertly cut holdouts for cards and coins. It only holds jumbo coins (3 inch) and half dollar sized coins. The cards slot can take a packet of roughly 13 cards. The quality and craftsmanship is nothing short of me not regretting anything and honestly I would be willing to pay much more for this. I donít know why I never have seen or heard of this before; but it is so much bang for the buck. The surface is very plush which is a change for me (Bob Elliot trained me to use the hardest of surfaces) so thatís the only thing that is unique and going to take some getting used to. Oh, did I mention itís super light weight and will last for years?

Overall 5/5

Get it.