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Topic: Kansas City Shuffle
Message: Posted by: gurdjef (Sep 8, 2019 03:25PM)
Hi, I recently had all of my magic stolen! I had a trick that was pretty basic but had great spectator response. I think it was called the Kansas City Shuffle. It required two queens, a simple double lift, and a, seemly, card change under a spectators hand. I don't have any idea what book it was from or even whether it was a trick I was taught at some point. I had to put my magic aside for a bit and had started getting back into it . . . but now all of my stuff is gone. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: theamazingsauce (Dec 31, 2019 02:25PM)
Michael Ammar does this on Easy to Master Card Miracles - the 2nd one I think. Maybe 3rd. He uses 3 similar Aces and a blank facer.
Message: Posted by: karnak (Dec 31, 2019 05:26PM)
*Virginia* City Shuffle is on Michael Ammarís ETMCM volume *5*.
Message: Posted by: fingerjack (Apr 15, 2020 09:33PM)
[quote]On Dec 31, 2019, karnak wrote:
*Virginia* City Shuffle is on Michael Ammarís ETMCM volume *5*. [/quote]

Hats off for nailing this one.....over a year after the fact. I was gonna offer the same suggestion. Iím a bit slow.