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Topic: Help with n strippers
Message: Posted by: Drylid (Sep 11, 2019 12:21PM)
Recently was introduced to n(-) strippers. Picked up sub rosa hoping for some help and it did lend itself to handling after getting the cards you need. Ive been a card guy for 20 years and this little thing is near impossible for me. I can use it as a magician, meaning get what's needed for an effect to be perceived, but I'm getting clumps of cards with what I need.this thing is too beautiful to not do right. Any tips to just get just the cards I need or books I can read for tips on the actual removal of select cards not clumps?
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Sep 11, 2019 12:36PM)
Handle them way softer than you think you need to. It is a feel thing. Keep doing it, keeping in mind softer than you think and it will come. Many think because it is mechanical it is easier and this is simply not true.
Message: Posted by: holdingoutflat (Sep 11, 2019 12:49PM)
Jason England does frequent the board. I'm sure he'll see this and lend a hand.
Message: Posted by: Drylid (Sep 11, 2019 01:02PM)
Thanks for the quick replies. Much appreciated
Message: Posted by: Expertmagician (Sep 13, 2019 01:02PM)
My suggestion is to practice with heavy work and then keep making the work in the cards lighter and lighter :-)

Good luck and have fun !
Message: Posted by: Drylid (Sep 13, 2019 05:19PM)
I tried with half the card cut out lol. I just cant feel what I need to be feeling. it seems when I'm not paying attention to it I can do it. but as soon as I want to. my fingers turn into useless noodles
Message: Posted by: Cagliostro (Sep 13, 2019 09:20PM)
[quote]On Sep 13, 2019, Drylid wrote:

I tried with half the card cut out lol... [/quote]

I see what the problem. You cut the cards so deeply that all you are pulling is air. Of course you can't pull the cards [i]that[/i] way.

ExpertMagician suggested trying to pull "heavy work" first. My interpretation of that expression is [i]not[/i] to cut the cards more, but to increase the [i]weight[/i] of each card individually that you are trying to strip. Try using very light weights glued to the stripped cards.

I think that might work better but possibly I am using the term "heavy work" incorrectly. Is there another interpretation for this terminology?

This "in the know" gambling jargon gets me confused sometimes.

Someone told me a while back that using slick ace cards works better than notched strippers. Of course, the only disadvantage for this type "work" is it is confined to the Aces only. At least I think that is the way it works but I could be incorrect on this.

Personally I like very strongly cut belly strippers. I have tried to pull them for about 6 months now and I think I am starting to get the hang of it.

Notched strippers are for the card table intelligentsia and is well above my pay grade. They are a little known secret among the very best of the best in the magi community.
Message: Posted by: Drylid (Sep 13, 2019 09:29PM)
I was being hyperbolic in my explanation of how much I actually cut off, My fault, as sarcasm and humor don't come through, I figured the LOL would hint at that. I use a heavy beginners set and still am having difficulty pulling out what I need.
Message: Posted by: Mobius303 (Sep 14, 2019 10:31PM)
You will need to feel them so if you keep then in groups together at first you will feel them easier. As you get used to doing that then you split or take away until you can feel just one card. At first it is an odd feeling to get them each time and like a good golf shot you will not feel it really it will just happen.
Then lighten the work in the cards and you will hit your sweet spot. I find that spot is different for everyone. What you can pull, others will be unable. Find that spot for you.
Keep practicing.
Message: Posted by: Gamblingman007 (Sep 29, 2019 06:41AM)
Iím going to tell you what this sounds like to me, youíre going too far trying to prove to magicians that youíre great. Why? Because the public basically doesnít understand magic tricks therefore youíre trying to fool magicians; if Iím wrong so what.

These guys donít know what they are talking about; at least to a degree. Why? These guys are talking to you about an N-Stripper technique instead of a P-Stripper technique (Positive Strippers) something totally different to what youíre actually enquiring about.

Youíre a magician not a gambler and these guys giving you advice mostly are too but they are dabbling in an area that they know something about but only from a magicians point of view and not a gambling point of view, thatís why they are giving you wrong advice because they canít differentiate between the two techniques and since you came to a gambling spot they unknowingly took you in this (the wrong) direction; you want to do magic tricks using this effect therefore you want Wedge Strippers; to the magicians they would call them P-Strippers.

I can elaborate to a point where they wonít understand me but since youíre a beginner at this technique what you want is in a magic book called Expert Card Technique by Hugard and Braue. The person picking a card from your deck (you reversing the deck) before they put it back and you produce their card by pulling their wedged card from your deck any other technique besides a Svengali deck is specifically for gamblers and not for magicians.

If Iím wrong please correct me.

The Gamblingman007
Message: Posted by: tommy (Sep 29, 2019 10:26AM)
Not sure if these are any use to you but they rate them beginner, intermediate and expert. I think they offer help on how to handle them.

Message: Posted by: Gamblingman007 (Sep 29, 2019 01:53PM)
Tommy thanks again for your kind help and your knowledge. You always help and keep me on point.

Message: Posted by: Drylid (Sep 29, 2019 01:58PM)
Ive already gotten to the point of making my own as well as practicing. It really is just a getting the hang and feel of it type of thing. I appreciate all of the help thus far gentleman.
Message: Posted by: Gamblingman007 (Sep 29, 2019 02:10PM)
@Drylid. Then youíre already doing great, keep up the good work. These here guys unknowingly answered your questions wrong because most of them like yourself is not real gamblers, they study gambling moves and technique. Cag and Tommy is one of the real players.

Message: Posted by: Gamblingman007 (Sep 29, 2019 03:11PM)
[quote]On Sep 29, 2019, Drylid wrote:
Ive already gotten to the point of making my own as well as practicing. It really is just a getting the hang and feel of it type of thing. I appreciate all of the help thus far gentleman. [/quote]

These guys are not telling you everything that is important. Your two fingers (first finger and thumb) must hold the deck in the EXACT area where the divots are in order for you to pull the wanted cards; different finger positions for different wanted cards if you have a multi pulling deck.

The Gamblingman007
Message: Posted by: Drylid (Sep 29, 2019 10:39PM)
That's the easy part.
Message: Posted by: tommy (Sep 30, 2019 08:21AM)
Just because they are called strippers it does not mean that you have to strip them out: you can cut to them if you like.
Message: Posted by: steve ehlers (Oct 8, 2019 11:40AM)
Drylid, It has been my experience that if you have very dry hands it is much more difficult to pull the cards. Plus you may be gripping the cards too tightly.

Message: Posted by: Drylid (Oct 8, 2019 12:39PM)
I have hyperhidrosis So dry hands usually arent an issue. but I couldn't agree w you more as I did figure that out on one of my less sweaty days
Message: Posted by: Cliff Rusnick (Nov 15, 2019 06:14PM)
So, you probably wouldn't want to make a habit out of using the cards this way, but a few years ago in my own research on n strippers, I ran across a website that made Ns and (I think) the cutting tools for making them quickly... They had a section explaining on how to pull the cards. I had never seen anyone explain this particular method before, and I certainly don't see people who are proficient at pulling ns like gamblingman007 do this, but what I read might help a beginner practice and start to build some confidence at actually pulling Ns.

Essentially, what it said was to bevel the deck towards you like this / (top of the deck is pulled towards you) then push The deck square while you're thumb is firmly pushed up against the side of the deck (where the divots are). The idea is to get some air between the cards before attempting to pull them. I hope this is clear... And again, this is not how I've seen pros do it, but for a beginner with Ns, it might be a handy tip.
Message: Posted by: TH10111 (Nov 16, 2019 03:26AM)
Cliff, is this the website you are referring to: https://coolotis.wordpress.com/new-visitors-and-old-pals-any-bs-not-business-related-here/
Message: Posted by: Cliff Rusnick (Nov 16, 2019 04:02PM)
That's the one! Thanks for the link. Looks like I got the bevel direction wrong.