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Topic: Magic and Such
Message: Posted by: LarryD (Sep 18, 2019 01:13AM)
Anyone know what happened to Magic and Such? The site just says "closed." Guess I shouldn't have been hoarding my credits! Have always gotten great deals and good service from Andrew.
Message: Posted by: LarryD (Sep 19, 2019 08:18PM)
I guess this was an aberration because the site is back up today. I checked yesterday because I realized I hadn't heard from Andrew for a few weeks, and he usually has a sale pretty regularly, so it surprised me to see "site closed" when I tried to access it yesterday.
Message: Posted by: titansfan85 (Oct 12, 2019 09:43AM)

Any idea if the operators of the site are still around? The sauté is being maintained but items I ordered over a month ago have not arrived. I’m starting to think I have been scammed. I made 5 purchases and have heard nothing from them.
Message: Posted by: barts185 (Nov 7, 2019 08:58AM)
I'm actually concerned that something happened to Andrew Davis, the owner of Magic and Such. He was always responsive, and now has not returned emails or messages left at the phone number.
Message: Posted by: JH5magic (Nov 19, 2019 08:10PM)
I too had an issue in the summer when placing an order and waited over a month to receive 1 of 2 items and refund. I did send emails and left a voice mail. In the past they were very reliable.

I ordered another 2 items about a month ago and the order is stuck in 'processing' on their site. Once again I sent an email and left a voice mail. Seems like things have drastically changed in terms of their service/reliability.
Message: Posted by: barts185 (Dec 20, 2019 02:15AM)
And it gets worse.

PayPal just decided in MagicandSuch's favor because they sent me part of the order so apparently the fact that they left out the most expensive item doesn't count according to PayPal.

What a crock. I had detailed what they included and the thing they didn't include and PayPal's reply was that they provided a tracking number, so they win.

"We have reviewed this transaction(s) and are denying your case(s). This decision was made because we received shipment tracking from the merchant confirming that the merchandise was delivered."

The case on the order that they never sent any part of was decided in my favor.

I guess it's time to call their personal numbers instead of the store. Andrew and Brianna Davis living at the address of the shop is publicly available.