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Topic: Looking for a photo
Message: Posted by: shomemagic (Oct 1, 2019 09:29PM)
Im looking for a photo of Willard The Wizard Tent show..that shows the entrance with his name etc. I have been searching online and not having much luck..if you know of a source I would appreciate it, or if you have one you could scan for me that would be great. Thanks in advance
Message: Posted by: Julie (Oct 1, 2019 10:55PM)
Bev Bergeron and/or his book on Willard would be a quick source...

Message: Posted by: shomemagic (Oct 2, 2019 06:10PM)
Thank you, wish I had that book. May have to get it
Message: Posted by: Gerry Walkowski (Oct 3, 2019 02:22AM)
I don't have my own copy in front of me, but you might also try David Charvet's book on Willard as well.