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Topic: Houdini's Tooth
Message: Posted by: kent (Oct 20, 2019 07:03PM)
Does anyone have any info on the trick "Houdini's Tooth" ? This is a classic case of me not keeping the instructions with the prop!

This is what I have: A small cardboard giftbox with a label with "Houdini's Tooth" written on it, and in the box, a giant (about 3") plastic tooth with a hole bored through the center. 2 shoelaces are threaded through the tooth in a "special" way, and it's held in the spectators hand, tied, and the laces pass through the tooth. The patter that came with it was quite cute I seem to recall, and the mechanics of it were covered well.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Looking for a copy of the original instructions hopefully and the name of the creator of the routine.