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Topic: When a professional magician asked me to show them a trick...
Message: Posted by: Mike.Bonner (Oct 21, 2019 02:21PM)
Hey Everyone,

Last time I posted, I offered reflections on when I performed at a wedding. I was appreciative of everyone's comments and feedback.

So, for my birthday I bought myself a ticket to go to the magic circle in London (an exceptional treat). I had the most wonderful evening watching some incredible magicians, watching in awe of their skill not just mechanically, but most importantly in regards to the experience they gave to the audience. To see homage paid towards some master of magic (e.g. Vernon and Slydini), was truly wonderful.

The host of the evening, who I had some correspondence with after my fist visit there, introduced me to Michael Vincent! What an honour! Without boring you with the details of how it came about, the evening ended up with me sat in a restaurant with Michael Vincent and some others. During this time, I was asked by Michael to perform Twisting the Aces by Dai Vernon (at this stage I have only been practicing 11 months). So I began the routine, patter and all, and on the second phase COMPLETELY messed up the effect! My hands were shaking and I was a wreck. After this, I was met with loads of encouragement from him and the other magicians. They taught me so much about my technique, overcoming nerves and much more. They also jokingly commented on how unfair it was to ask me to perform. I remember Michael's words "Don't worry about twisting the aces, what impressed me more was your willingness to do it, character and guts is something not all magicians share. Well Done".

All in all, I had much embarrassment about the night, but it only spurred me on to continue practicing, to work hard and to enhance what I am learning and doing.

I am so grateful for not only their generosity in allowing me to spend time with them, but for their encouragement and grace with such a young magician. They did not need to have me along with them, but they did and were humble. I have learnt so many lessons and hope that you can all take something from this; whether it be to have confidence in yourself, or in regards to how we treat one another.

I wish you all well.

Kindest Regards,

Message: Posted by: davidpaul$ (Oct 22, 2019 11:37PM)
Enjoyed reading your post. Sounded like a great experience in many ways. The people you admired I'm sure had the same issues when they were newbies. Yes it's good to be kind and encouraging.
Message: Posted by: TomB (Oct 23, 2019 03:51AM)
I just joined an IBM ring and they had an amateur night. So people would go up and perform. At the end of the night, people could ask questions or even offer advice. They had professionals perform as well, and it was a real treat.

If you have a local magic club you will find like minded people. I am so glad I joined.
Message: Posted by: JoshDude849 (Oct 24, 2019 06:40PM)
Michael Vincent seems like a really great guy. Even outside of magic. Would love to meet him someday.
Message: Posted by: Mike.Bonner (Oct 25, 2019 12:21PM)
If you are from the UK, Vanshing Inc has an event called The Session. Apparently, it is a good place to meet other magicians etc.
I know MV is a guest there in Jan 2020
Message: Posted by: JoshDude849 (Oct 26, 2019 12:44PM)
Haha, jokes on you. I'm from the US of A.

Oh well...

Message: Posted by: ActionJack (Dec 25, 2019 01:54PM)
Mike thanks for sharing this, I love that quote from Michael. At work I find it funny during a training session most people are afraid to make mistakes in front of others. I have no shame in making mistakes during training and I make plenty. That is how I learn and has kept me safer while out doing my job in the real world. When Iím with other magicians I donít feel bad about making mistakes because Iím still a novice and learning and wanting to be critiqued and to improve. However I do very little magic for non magicians currently, not out of fear of failure but out of respect for the art and my fellow magicians. I want what I perform for lay persons to be performance worthy. I hope this comes across correctly and not sounding elitist.
Message: Posted by: Mike.Bonner (Jan 1, 2020 07:53AM)
Hi Jack,

It doesn't come across as elitist. I understand what you are saying. I think it is very worthwhile and noble to push your magic into a certain realm whereby you can create a meaningful and powerful experience for the spectator. 

I do wonder what performance worthy means...? With that in mind, I would encourage you to read Magic in Mind, Essential Essays for magicians by Joshua Jay. It is an incredible resource with many essays written by giants in the field.I imagine you might already be aware of it, but it gives much for us all to reflect and muse upon.


Message: Posted by: wulfiesmith (Jan 25, 2020 04:33PM)
Hi Mike,
don't you just hate it ...

David Copperfield came over to me whilst I was dining with the wife.
"Can't you see, I'm talking", I told him! Geez

Apology, David - just kidding

Unfortunately, this has never happened to me, Mike.