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Topic: Viva Las Vegas
Message: Posted by: ddamen (Nov 4, 2019 07:20AM)
Heading to Vegas this weekend (Th-Su), and hoping to catch multiple magic shows. Any recommendations?

I plan to see Mac King again, but not Penn & Teller (the talking/magic ratio was a bit off-putting). I loved Copperfield's show as a kid, but am wary of all the recent reviews. And I'm unsure of how the close-up social media celebs (Franco, Shin Lim) would play on a large stage. Then again, I loved David Blaine's show, so I could use some direction.

Also open to any lectures or related magic events that happen to be going on
Message: Posted by: thomasR (Nov 5, 2019 01:22PM)
I go to Vegas about once a year specifically to see the Magic and Cirque shows.

Copperfield's show has a lot of truly unique pieces of magic. I would highly recommend it.. just go in knowing that his show is very different than what it used to be and yes he is known to just walk through the show sometimes although when I last saw him in July he was very "on" and quite funny. I think he just does too many shows and if he's tired out it shows. But the tricks are well worth it . I see Copperfield every time I visit Vegas. Pro-tip... sign up for MGM Rewards "MLife" and buy your ticket direct from the Copperfield Box Office and ask if they have M Life discounts... they almost always do, especially for the late show. Last time I went I got an amazing second row seat for under $100.

Matt Franco's show is really good. He does many of the routines you saw him do on AGT but his show is very fun and has a lot of energy. His theatre is really cool and small enough you'll have a great seat no matter where you sit.

Piff the Magic Dragon has a really fun show. Some very clever magic. You either like his humor or you don't but I personally had a great time at his show. The intentional irony of this grumpy guy in a dragon suit performing with a classic Vegas showgirl who's all smiles.... just very very funny. I went in only knowing him from AGT clips and I was like "I wonder how that kind of a gimmick will work for a full show" well I loved it. So yeah.. consider giving him a try.

Xavier Mortimer has a really unique show. It's more of a theatrical circus show with lots of magic in it (he came from Cirque du Soleil so no surprise there). He's got the best dancing cane routine you'll ever see and he'll really open your eyes to what is possible with magic. If you want a traditional magic show.. you'll be disappointed. But if you want to see how magic can be combined with physical theatre in some really clever and original ways? you'll love it.

Nathan Burton - Very family friendly big illusion show. Feels like a Branson show more than a Vegas show. You will see almost every stage illusion created... literally... it's a catalog of illusions. If you like seeing all the big box tricks, you will love his show. He's very high energy.

I don't personally recommend Criss Angel or Murray. Neither were worth the money in my book.
Message: Posted by: ddamen (Nov 20, 2019 07:52PM)
Thanks for the tips. I ended seeing Copperfield and some of those illusions blew me away. Hopefully Piff will be in town next time I'm back