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Topic: Approaching large tables. Help
Message: Posted by: Owen Thomas (Nov 4, 2019 06:01PM)
How do you approach a large table without coming across as interrupting?
Is it ok to perform for a few people only and then move around table? (if your magic only plays small)
Message: Posted by: Josh Riel (Nov 6, 2019 08:27PM)
Are you hired to perform for the venue?
If so it can be as simple as asking if they'd like to see magic.
Just don't literally interrupt anyone.

Small effects can play to an entire table.
The shell game is pretty small, but this video is at the WC Fields bar in the Magic Castle and there can be(and often is) 20+ people behind the bar

I wouldn't perform the SAME trick to more than one person at a table, but there's no reason you can't show magic to several different people in a group.

If you want to maintain the interest of the rest of the table that's up to you, not the trick.

If however this is just unstructured "surprise magic" then you'll probably be a nuisance as most people aren't really looking at getting together with their friends and family and having a meal, hoping that an amateur magician shows up and trys out a trick he bought.
But that's my opinion.
Message: Posted by: Owen Thomas (Nov 6, 2019 08:59PM)
Thanks for reply Josh.
Im just thinking ahead and planning for it.
If you ask a large table if they would like to see magic and only some seem interested. Do you just perform for them?
Message: Posted by: Mr. Woolery (Nov 8, 2019 01:31PM)
If you see a group of people, regardless of whether theres a table, and you tell them youve been brought in as entertainment, what do you do if only half of them want you to entertain? This isnt really all that hard. Well, it looks like half of you are already having a great time, so how about I just do two of my best tricks for those of you are interested and if you want more later on, Ill be here until 9 tonight. Do your opener and one other solid trick. Save your closer, though. If you are any good, the others might well be won over by your charm and skill.

Remember that your role isnt to force yourself on folks. Your role is to help the host make sure all the guests enjoy themselves.

You might consider a different introduction, too. Hi, Im Owen and the host has hired me to help make sure everyone is having a good time tonight. Is everything going well so far? If not, see what you can do to fix it. If so Im a magician, but not like the sort youve probably seen on tv. Id like to show you a really quick example. Who can spare 6 seconds to see the worlds fastest card trick? And youre on.

Take this with salt. I dont do table hopping. Im just putting myself in the place of the guests and thinking what Id want to hear.

Message: Posted by: davidpaul$ (Nov 10, 2019 07:55PM)
Good advice above....
I do "allot" of table hopping and quite a bit of large event strolling where there are large tables,
round as well as rectangular. I've learned over the years that your confidence in yourself as well as your abilities plays a significant role. A friendly and respectful demeanor is paramount.

Now most people at these events know ahead of time that a magician will be entertaining so I'm not a surprise. I usually just walk up to these tables and with a big confident smile say "Hi Folks" "It's my job to walk around and say Hi Folks, I'm the magician this evening". I am almost always well received and make a comedic comment about myself that illicits a laugh.

I then go into a quick routine that is visual to everyone such as a bill switch. I change a blank piece of paper into a million dollar bill. I may go into Sponge ball routine and or a coin flurry.
Etc. You must be entertaining and worth the audiences attention.

Nothing is written in stone when you are dealing with people from different backgrounds and personalities. BUT you can win people over and gain attention if you have the chops especially in the people skills arena.
Message: Posted by: kcmagic1 (Jan 14, 2020 06:35AM)
I just walk up to the table and introduce myself. I explain that I am there to provide them with magical entertainment and ask them if they would like to see something. If they oblige, I start doing something for the people that I initially approached. At a long table, some of the people my be trying to watch from the other end. I always include them somehow. Point is, start performing for the people who have stated that they are interested in seeing something and if you notice other people paying attention, include them as well. Pretty soon, everyone at the table will be engaged and watching your show.
Message: Posted by: nyborn (Jan 18, 2020 02:00PM)
I cant remember who, maybe Daryl, said to introduce yourself as their magician for the night.