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Topic: "The Vault" Chink a Chink vs Matrix
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Nov 15, 2019 06:59AM)
I see within the last year the "Vault" series of downloads has added "Chink a Chink" and "Matrix" within a very short time of each other. I am wondering which one others like better and why? I do know one has some specific work with Rubiks Cubes (which I wouldn't specifically care for but the idea of using another large object may) but other than that, they look really similar as far as using 4 different items and using them for either routine.

I want to get one, I just do not know which really. I have plenty of videos on coin matrix routines using all like coins, so that doesn't weigh me one way or the other (like the Rubiks Cube stuff doesn't). Thanks.
Message: Posted by: warren (Nov 17, 2019 01:10PM)
If I had to choose one over the other I would favour Chink a Chink as when performing Matrix type effects you have to have a close up mat or similar type surface unless you put a bend in the cards plus as you say you already have plenty of Matrix type routines at your disposal.
Message: Posted by: Pop Haydn (Nov 27, 2019 01:51PM)
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Nov 27, 2019 02:38PM)
Thanks Pop. I wish they still had those wonderful sets on the market. I have only heard of a couple people who will custom make them with a price worthy of the set. Not complaining, just cannot afford. If I did have a set, your routine would be the first one I would study in-depth as I have been a huge fan of yours since my earlier days when my mentor (R.I.P.) Doc John Deems showed me your linking ring routine on his VHS player in his living room.

As for the two downloads that I was comparing and trying to decide which one, since other than the Rubik's cube and jumbo card method, they both look like the same routine using the same mix of 4 completely different items instead of all coins or all thimble shaped items. I have decided just to stick to doing more in-depth study and practice of the many "Matrix" variations I already have in my books, DVDs and downloads.

Thanks for sharing that clip though. Every time I see one of your clips, I think of all that Doc taught me and how happy he was making his video set with you, Chef and his old friend Don Driver (also R.I.P.)
Message: Posted by: Pop Haydn (Nov 27, 2019 07:25PM)
I miss Don and Doc a lot. They were good friends and with it guys.