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Topic: Best Magic in Tokyo?
Message: Posted by: Professor Schreibman (Nov 27, 2019 10:09AM)
I'm going to be visiting Tokyo for the first time this summer.
I'd love to get people's recommendations regarding:
a) The best place to see magic performed?
b) The best magic shop?
Message: Posted by: patapon (Jan 6, 2020 05:48AM)
Unfortunately, the only places to see live performances are the few "Magic Bars" - Magic Bar Tejinaya Shinjuku being rated the best.

I have not been there as for the price, I get much better variety and quality at the Edinburgh Fringe, which I go to every year, and can see 10-15 very good shows for less than GBP each.

The best (and only physical store in Tokyo) is Magic Land (https://www.facebook.com/MAGIC-LAND-1487088714926517/), but again, while its worth a visit for the experience, there is nothing to buy there that you cannot get from the UK/US online stores.

To me, the greatest magic is Tokyo is buying Tenyo products as very low prices compared to what they are being sold for in the UK/US online stores. Tenyo is really cheap in Japan! And in order of best prices, I would go to:
- Yodobashi Camera Main Store in Akiba, Akihabara.
- BIC Camera in Yurokacho (5-10 minutes walk from Ginza).
- and then Hakuhinkan Toy Store (Ginza) or Tokyu Hands, since both do not sell Tenyo at a discounted price (but still cheap compared to UK/US).

From what I have read, here are better live shows in Osaka, which is the home of close-up magic in Japan.

Hope this helps!