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Topic: Copper Silver question
Message: Posted by: skyfire (Dec 3, 2019 05:24AM)
Hi, I have a Copper/Silver set where the coin is half and half. What I was looking for was a set where you can place the Silver coin in one hand and with a ] there are two coppers in your hand when you open it. What would this set be called if I did a search on it to purchase one.
Message: Posted by: Tom G (Dec 3, 2019 07:08AM)
Sounds like you're talking CSB.
Message: Posted by: Payner44 (Dec 3, 2019 07:12AM)
You could just add a copper expanded shell to create this effect.
Message: Posted by: karnak (Dec 3, 2019 09:49AM)
If in addition to the half dollar it involves two copper coins, rather than a copper and a brass coin, then instead of a CSB set shouldn’t he be looking for a 2 Copper/1 Silver set?
Message: Posted by: webtech (Dec 22, 2019 08:43PM)
I think you are talking about a Sun Moon set. A great routine with this coin set is called Samoya. Check it out here and see if this is something that you are talking about...
Message: Posted by: webtech (Dec 22, 2019 08:47PM)
Lassen has the Sun Moon sets once in a while. Here is what they look like...
Message: Posted by: w i l s o (Feb 22, 2020 05:53AM)
I'm also looking for a copper silver coin - a penny and a walking liberty. the only one I can find is a tango silver line. does anybody else know of any gaffmaker in the UK? Does someone have a coin guy? I sat next to two guys at the session during David Williamson's lecture and they each had one. Sadly I didn't write it down
Message: Posted by: pabloinus (Feb 23, 2020 06:27AM)
I don't in the UK, but Roy Kueppers sells them, I bought a very good one at ebay, seller forangel. If nothing work try Mark Mason in the UK, he has a silver line and maybe he can make you one
Message: Posted by: w i l s o (Feb 24, 2020 04:49AM)
Thank you pabloinus. is the Kuepper quality good? I've never seen, but like anything there seem to be people who rate it and people who don't.