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Topic: Helpful dealers and magicians
Message: Posted by: adrianrbf (Dec 8, 2019 10:12AM)
This is just to share some thoughts of praise with you about magic dealers and magicians who sell their own products and are, in my experience, very helpful people.

Daniel from www.zauberparadies.ch shared advice with me on a broad range of topics, including swami gimmicks, PK rings and two person telepathy.

Roberto Giobbi took his time to give me advice on what to give as a gift to my godson (I ended up with the card college video tutorials).

Pavel from www.butterflyplayingcards.com was really helpful when I asked about book ans video tutorials.

Dan Harlan told me the basic principle of Speakeasy even before I bought it, just to ensure me that it would work in German.

Alan Wong took personal action to replace a broken item which was a minor piece in a larger package of magical props.

Andy from www.thejerx.com answered my question which of his JAMM journal covers the topic I am interested in and also answered a more general question in his blog.

Chris Philpott was very helpful when I ordered a custom card for a 100th monkey effect.

Luca Volpe helped me to decide which of his books was most suitable for my style.

Thank you all, it will be a pleasure to order from you again!
Message: Posted by: lucavolpe (Dec 9, 2019 09:27AM)
Happy to help :)