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Topic: Magic for Humans - Justin Willman
Message: Posted by: TheMetalMagician (Dec 10, 2019 01:08PM)
I have only one question about this show:

To what extent would a live studio audience have the same experience as a TV audience?

I DON'T want to know how the tricks are done, and even if I did, I'm sure that discussing or even GUESSING how tricks are done is forbidden or at least strongly discouraged on this forum.

Some of his illusions seem impossible to pull off live, like the one where he gets in one of the garbage cans and comes out the other. Or the one where he turns a pair of shoes into a basketball.

He was here (I'm from Dallas) a few months ago but sadly I was too busy to go see his show, but I'm truly curious as to whether or not he could pull off a lot of those tricks live.